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Discuss Power tools of the net in the Plumbing Tools area at UKPlumbersForums.co.uk.

  1. Gmaservices

    Gmaservices Guest

    Does anyone know off any were on the net to get power tools cheap?
    im after a makita li-ion drill and grinder.
  2. kozak1968

    kozak1968 Plumber GSR

    Anglia tool centre do some good deals, postage is cheaper as well
  3. Mike Jackson

    Mike Jackson Plumber GSR

  4. TBServices

    TBServices Guest

    I find eBay to be pretty good. Shipping times and prices are usually good as they want good feedback.
  5. Phil

    Phil Plumber

    Power tools pro are good. Just watched an auction on ebay for a used Makita LXT body only torch and it went for £16.99 +postage, on there its £11.99inc vat + postage brand new.

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  6. mike-c

    mike-c Plumber GSR

    I love Axminster. Their catalogue is massive and some of the tools that they sell look incredible.
    If I was a joiner I would buy all their woodworking tools and build my very own "New Yankee workshop" and wear a checked shirt just like Norm Abraham.
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