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  1. lordyjordy111

    lordyjordy111 GSR


    further to my previous post


    I now have another couple of questions. I'm changing an old floor standing boiler to a pot titanium and installing new rads.

    how would you flush the pipes?? was thinking of adding a cleaner to the system as it is now and letting it run for a bit and then flushing through the filling loop when new boiler/rads installed but it has a primatic cylinder... not sure if this is adviseable

    also I'm buying a heat pack and the pot titanium 28 heat pack is only £50 cheaper than the 33kw..

    woud you buy the 33kw titanium as it gives a better dhw flow rate. the lady has a flow rate of approx 17lpm out of cold tap

    house is 3 bed semi one bathroom

    once again thanks in advance
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2012
  2. Rickster123

    Rickster123 Guest

    Hi lordyjordy. Please don't take offence mate, how much experience of heating installs do you have? Maybe it would be advisable to get another more experienced installer to join you on your first couple of installs. If you are worried about the flushing process Id worry that you may run into more complicated problems mate.