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  1. De'Iveote

    De'Iveote Guest

    Hi There

    I have a potterton system boiler. I bled a rad and now have no pressure, can anyone tell me where I attach the filling loop hose

    The two pipes under the boiler with the plastic valves on them have been capped are different sizes - is this unusual ?

    There is a third capped pipe connected also but this doesnot have a plastic valve - which two do i connect to ?

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  2. De'Iveote

    De'Iveote Guest

  3. aggis

    aggis Plumber GSR

    Your filling loop will be else where, cupboard underneath boiler, cylinder cuboard, under sink or is some of the piping boarded in ?
    The 2 valves at each side are heating flow & return. The filling loop requires a cold water pipe to link to a heating pipe.
  4. De'Iveote

    De'Iveote Guest

    Thanks - I'll go have a better look

    I also found the video below - is it relevant to my system ?

  5. pauls

    pauls Guest

  6. De'Iveote

    De'Iveote Guest

    It's definitely well hidden !!! - but anyway I managed to find a pro - he is calling over tomorrow ! I will post where it is when he finds it -
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  7. Puddle

    Puddle Plumber

    if not near boiler,usually in hot water cylinder cupboard
  8. De'Iveote

    De'Iveote Guest

    Ok - the plumber was here -

    He said there is no filling loop- that the boiler is gravity fed - he will fit one tomorrow - nothing that he can do tonight, so another night of freezing my knackers off.

    Seems to me there must be a way of getting water in - or how was it filled when installed ?

    Any ideas anyone ?
  9. De'Iveote

    De'Iveote Guest

    [​IMG] I did it ...I fixed it ..[​IMG] I'm warm now...

    Thanks to everyone . what got it in the end was . a syringe, a piece of hose pipe and a spanner !!

    Thank you and good night.
  10. Billy Bob Bob

    Billy Bob Bob Guest

    what potterton is this? none are gravity
  11. De'Iveote

    De'Iveote Guest

    It just says Potterton system on it
  12. oldplumber

    oldplumber Guest

    take a look in your attic, for some reason some people/installers connect up the filling loop on the old cistern fed part of the system and they get calledback to fill it when the pressure drops as the owners cant find a filling point! found 2 like that last year.
  13. De'Iveote

    De'Iveote Guest

    Checked the attic, just straight pipes to the tank - the house is only 6 years old, everything about it was cheaply built - there wasnt even any insulation in the pipes up there, there is a gale blowing through the windows etc etc.
  14. Billy Bob Bob

    Billy Bob Bob Guest

    is this a potterton gold system? look at your instructions or post a pic of the boiler
  15. De'Iveote

    De'Iveote Guest



    Any Help to you gas man ? what are you thinking ?

    By the way I got it up to .8 bar is this enough ?
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