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  1. TBServices

    TBServices Guest

    I finally got round to fitting mine last week. You cannot imagine my excitement!

    Used with a UPS2 replacement with gate valve type unions that wouldn't close. First point to make is, they're longer than the old style valves, so unless you've enough pipe to cut back, they're no good.

    Quality wise they certainly feel like good stuff, although the real person who ought to be reviewing them should be the bloke who replaces the pump in 10 years. Like the fact that they come with rubber washers too.

    Perhaps a bit expensive, but I would certainly have much more confidence in being able to turn these off down the line, so I will definitely be recommending them in future and offer them at a premium over standard valves. In fact I've already got a pair lined up for next week.

    Thanks to Ray for the freebie. I can finally apply for a new one now!
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