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  1. Oddbod

    Oddbod New Member

    I'm (finally) getting round to replacing our oil boiler – probably next summer (see the Thermecon 90/120 lockout thread for the sorry details).

    I'm looking to replace it with a thermal store system which'll allow me to get rid of the numerous electric booster pumps too.

    There is an ideal place for the new system to go – plenty of space, easy connecting into the existing pipework, simple flue run etc. But can I get the oil supply pipe there?

    It means an external run of 5m followed by an internal run of about 20m along the base of the wall of the garage.

    I need to get everything checked out 'cos i'm no expert, but I am working outside over the next week laying a new path over the route of the external length of the proposed oil pipe run. It would be ten mins work to drop a conduit in now. But there is no point if the run isn't practical. So the questions are..

    Is running 20m of oil pipe though a garage practical/sensible. (An external route would be a real pain)

    I'd bury a 60mm plastic conduit. 450Mmdeep, marker tape, draw string etc. Is there anything special about running an oil pipe? (I've run plenty of SWA and signal cables so unless there is anything different..)

    The external run will need a bend which can be done as a 1M radius 90deg turn – otherwise no changes of direction.

    But what should I do where the external run meets the internal? Hockey stick through the garage slab? Pit at the end of the conduit? Box on the wall? The wall is adjacent to the new path, so anything mounted on it could get a clout from a mower/barrow etc. A clipped pipe would be OK, but I think I'd want to protect a fire valve. (But see next para)

    From a bit of googling – always dangerous! - it looks like an electrical fire cut off valve would be needed because of the distance from the boiler to the building boundary. Would this have to be at the boundary or could it be at the oil tank? If the latter then it's just as easy to chuck in a second conduit for the cable. (Actually I might do that anyway - wired level sensor/bund alarm etc)

    Thanks for any comments and advice –and a merry xmas to one and all.

    (And yes, the heath robinson lockout auto reset is still going strong!)
  2. SimonG

    SimonG Plumber

    Your installation engineer will advise you.
  3. Oddbod

    Oddbod New Member

    Thanks Simon, Re-reading my post I wasn't clear enough. Sorry about that.

    What I'm actually asking is whether it is worth my while spending a couple of hours in the next week up to my nickynackynoos in what will, with my luck, undoubtedly end up being mud filled sodden trench across a path I am putting down because I might - if I am lucky - be able to afford to replace my boiler next summer.

    I gave the context around that in case it was helpful.

    For the avoidance of doubt I have no intention of doing anything other than put in the conduit.

    I'm not ringing up somebody the week before Christmas to come out and discuss a job that may or may not happen next summer. I know precisely what I'd say!!

    The response from the forum I was hoping was something like "20M internal run and an electric fire valve - carp idea mate" or "Yeah, sounds plausible needs checking but could work". If the former I won't waste my time. The latter I'll drop the conduit in and take the chance.
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2016