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  1. SafeGasInstall

    SafeGasInstall Plumber GSR

    Any one here from Norway ?
  2. jtsplumbing

    jtsplumbing Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    Why ? thinking of moveing ! or after free holiday . lol.
  3. SimonG

    SimonG Trusted Plumber

    Closest I've been is the middle of no where!
  4. quality

    quality Plumber GSR

    I regularly work with a couple of swedes, what are you after
  5. mountainman

    mountainman Plumber GSR

    I'm still there!
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  6. SafeGasInstall

    SafeGasInstall Plumber GSR

    Info about living over there !
    We are planning summer trip to see what is like in Norway and Sweden !And also to see if there is jobs for Heating engineers .
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  7. Guest123

    Guest123 Guest

    NORWAY= A prime example of a small nation that looks after it's citizens. They set up a oil fund years ago while our UK government spent it on failing policies year after year. A great prosperous wee country and the people are very friendly, I've got friends there who love it there.
    A blue print for how an Independent Scotland would be.
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  8. SafeGasInstall

    SafeGasInstall Plumber GSR

    i agree with you Colin !
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  9. Bobleponge

    Bobleponge Guest

    One of my best mates is a fishhead, lives just outside Oslo. If you have specific questions I can certainly ask him for you.
  10. SafeGasInstall

    SafeGasInstall Plumber GSR

    I am interest to find is there jobs for Heating engineers ! What type of heating systems they use and is it gas/oil/or renewable type ! Can UK citizen just go and start work or need to apply for visa , I've wife and 3 years old boy+ we expecting next baby boy next February ? Do they speak english over there or must learn there local language ? I have million more Q but this will do to start from !

    Thank you !!!!

  11. Bobleponge

    Bobleponge Guest

    Will email him this evening and let you know. Bear with me, he may not reply overnight, but he will reply.
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  12. Guest123

    Guest123 Guest

    They do and many can speak English as a second language, with Norwegian obviously being their native language. I'm certain that you need a visa for work as Norway is NOT a member of the EU. They are a small but prosperous nation and a Scandinavian climate, so yes your skills as a heating engineer would be in demand. Much of their systems are gas and oil, but renewables are making big inroads. They also have a monarchy just like we do.

    Go onto the tourism site for Norway and get info about contacts there. I'd suggest Stan, that if you are serious about this that you and your family consider a month long holiday there to see if it lives up to your expectations.

    Here's a useful link for info:

    Congrats on the new baby boy coming in February.
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  13. Rob Sale

    Rob Sale Plumber GSR

    I have been told that they do not like it when people move over there and don't learn the language. The key to fitting in is learn the language before moving over!

    The reason why Norway is prosperous is because she is not a member of the Eu and just a member of the EEC via efta trading block. They pay £2mill a year to trade with us and we pay £50mil a day. They can trade with the rest of the world without Eu interference and qoutas, unlike what Cameron is having to do with mexico is get Eu to Ok. Our politician have screwed this country for there love of international socialism, i.e we pay every one but don't get much back. any way my rant over.

    Like i said the key to living there is learning the language. Us Brits can be bit of hypocrites cause, I have heard people say "I'm moving cause there are to many foreigners that don't speak our language that live here." Then they move to Spain do bother to learn the language and end up becoming what they resented back in the UK.

    I would love to move there, as i would love one of those log cabin homes. But mrs does not want to move, she won't even move out of the area we live in. Good Luck.

    Think Britain is going to lose out on good tradesman to Canada and Norway over the next five years.
  14. SimonG

    SimonG Trusted Plumber

    On the visiting front you'll need to visit twice, once in summer and once in winter. It was amazing in Canda the difference between the two.
  15. SafeGasInstall

    SafeGasInstall Plumber GSR

    Thanks for all the replays . I am not a British by nationality and did move to UK 12 years ago ,without knowing English language ! I did not have any intention not to learn the language over there just want it know whether English language will help me to make a start ! I speak three languages fluent and do not think one more will be a problem for me and my wife !
    I moved here when I was 20 years old and have had the best days of my life here in UK , got married and have one wonderful boy age of 3 and now waiting time to tick tock away and have next boy(plumber) next year !
    I have lived all the time in London in different areas and have had achieved all that I was dreaming of but one thing I could not do up to date is to buy my own house here .
    Since 2009 when recession arrived has been really difficult to make living and to keep going and achieving more in life . My wife is standing next to me and have no problem moving away from where we live as she know is for the good for the family . We were thinking of moving to out of London first then at one stage moving to Orkney island in Scotland . We are so in position of not knowing what will be best to do in order to do as I do see we must make a change as things has change a lot over the past few years .

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