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  1. Tony Kershaw

    Tony Kershaw Guest

    Bit of background..

    Recently had a new water supply pipe. The old supply was via a shared lead pipe all the way down the back of the terrace to our property on the end. Very low pressure, and being poisoned. ☺ We took the new supply from the main pipe in the street just outside the front door to a new stopcock just inside the door. We decided to take it through the house to avoid the expense of digging a trench round to the back. United Utilities were happy with that plan. So far so good.

    However our plumber used a 15mm plastic pipe from the stopcock - up to the loft, across and down to the bathroom, where the boiler is situated. A distance of about 15m.

    I'm not keen on plastic - one of the fittings failed within a month! And there's a lot of pressure variation as we turn things off and on - eg just a trickle at the washbasin when the bath is running.

    I'm keen to replace most of the pipe myself with 22mm copper.

    So two questions for you experienced chaps and chapesses: 1. Does that sound sensible? 2. Would you keep the route through the loft, or take the more direct route under the bedroom floorboards? (I've got work to do on the boards anyway).

  2. scott_d

    scott_d Plumber GSR

    Are the internal and external stop cocks fully open?
    What pressure and flow have you got at the bath tap?
  3. joni os

    joni os Plumber

    If the boiler is a combi that will limit flow of hot water. Unless mains pressure is low a 15mm pipe would match combi flow. What is type and Kw of boiler.
  4. Riley

    Riley Plumber GSR

    Has anyone actually tested your flow and pressure (static and dynamic) since the upgrade??
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  5. Destroyer2813

    Destroyer2813 Plumber GSR

    What size was the new water main that was put in?
  6. Tony Kershaw

    Tony Kershaw Guest

    Yes, the stop cocks are fully open, and there is good flow from the bath tap - and reasonable flow from the washbasin when the bath isn't running.

    I didn't mention that the whole bathroom suite is 30 years old, and due for replacement. The whole lot needs replacing and replumbing - all part of this year's project. If part of your question is probably trying to ascertain what state the washbasin taps are in - the answer is, they're probably not opening fully.
  7. Tony Kershaw

    Tony Kershaw Guest

    It's a Vaillant ecoTECH plus 831, which the manual says is 31kW.
  8. Tony Kershaw

    Tony Kershaw Guest

  9. Riley

    Riley Plumber GSR

    Nope to what?
  10. Tony Kershaw

    Tony Kershaw Guest

    I think the blue pipe coming into the house is 25mm outside diameter.
  11. Riley

    Riley Plumber GSR

    Ok mate so you need flow and pressure testing
  12. Tony Kershaw

    Tony Kershaw Guest

    Nope to your question - "Has anyone actually tested your flow and pressure (static and dynamic) since the upgrade??"

    I clicked on 'Reply With Quote' this time!
  13. Riley

    Riley Plumber GSR

    Okay Tony no worries have you manage to get anybody to test it yet
  14. Tony Kershaw

    Tony Kershaw Guest

    I think I know someone who can do that. Watch this space...