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Discussion in 'Plumbing Tools' started by Koogatubac, Feb 9, 2014.

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  1. Koogatubac

    Koogatubac Plumber GSR

    Looking for cordless sds plus maybe could stretch to a 6 piece kit.
    Any recommendations or just make them up yourself? I.e. Buy a bag like makita's and buy individually batterys, charger, drill etc
  2. Ermintrude

    Ermintrude Plumber GSR

    Milwaukiee ! Call tool monkey tell him what u got and what u want and let him work his magic. Tool monkey Leighton buzzard - delivers next day up here!
  3. Koogatubac

    Koogatubac Plumber GSR

    U know any prices? Ive never had milwak, always been with makita or hilti
  4. Ermintrude

    Ermintrude Plumber GSR

    It's Hilti quality with makita prices and warranty that rocks. eBay m18 sds combi
  5. Ermintrude

    Ermintrude Plumber GSR

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  6. Killy Bing

    Killy Bing Plumber GSR

    Koogy say what you want and ill have a look around.

    imho hilti or milwaukee.