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Discuss Mixer Shower Running Cold When Hot Water Still Available. in the Bathrooms, Showers and Wetrooms area at UKPlumbersForums.co.uk.

  1. DC4_Plumbing

    DC4_Plumbing New Member


    Again we are having issues with our Mixer Shower, how can we fix it?

    By lowering the Hose Shower Head the Shower Pump starts and once the cold water in the hot pipes has passed the water temperature selected is pumped out ok, at the Varispeed selected.

    Unfortunately after an unmeasured short time the sound of the pump changes and the water being pumped out is just the cold from the Gravity Fed Tank.

    Again after waiting an unmeasured amount of time the Shower Pump may again pump the water at the temperature selected.

    • Is this a common fault with this type of shower?
    • Is this a fault that is easily resolved?
    • Is it simply time again for a new Shower Pump?

    DIY Installation Details:

    • Mixer Shower DIY Installation Date: November 2011
      Upon installation the original EasiBoost Water Pump worked straight away without having to lower the Hose Shower Head.
    • Bristan Varispeed Water Pump Installation Date: June 2013
    • Shower: TRITON, Capella, Thermostatic Mixer Shower.
    • Pump: Bristan Varispeed Water Pump 50.
    • Water Level within the Header Tank is more than 230mm.
    • Further information available upon request.

    Kind Regards,