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  1. crow11

    crow11 New Member

    this 1 is even confusing mira at the min, fitted a mira platinum shower about 2 years ago, fitted on combi boiler system, was working fine for about 6 months,
    unit went faulty so they came out and fixed it under warranty,
    now 18 months later still under warranty gone faulty again, with the same problem.
    when you switch the shower on doesn't matter if its on shower head 1 or 2, it will sometimes stay on for a couple of mins or will only come on for about 5 seconds then just shut off and wont come on again for about half an hour then same again,
    mira came out and replaced the main valve unit 10 mins after he went same problem, so out came mira again and replaced valve unit again, after they left same problem again,
    so out they came again and replaced full valve body for the 3rd time and exactly the same again stopped working after they left,
    so they now been out for a 4th time and replaced pcb and guess what still the same problem can't even have a shower as it will normally cut out anywhere between 5 secs to a couple of mins,
    this is at my sisters house,
    the last guy who came out and replaced pcb said there is a fault on the boiler, but isn't causing the shower problem, says water not getting hot enough really for the shower,
    so boiler been repaired under warranty so all good now, but shower still got same problem,
    iv'e been round tonight to try make sense of it, and what i have worked out is that if you switch the boiler off so there is no hot water the shower will stay on for as long as you want, as soon as you switch boiler back on and hot water goes to the shower unit the problem kicks in, tried turning water temp down on boiler in case water was to hot entering the shower but makes no difference,
    so mira having to come out again, but not holding my breath on it getting sorted as they have already said every possible part as been replaced, just wondering if anybody else as come across this problem cheers
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