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  1. Worcester

    Worcester Plumber

    BMW moment...
    Don't you just love our industry sector :)

    We check the MCS website monthly, (on the 15th) yet lo and behold without any notification to us at all, or any advance notification whatsover they published a nee Heat Pump standard.

    They published it on the 28th April 2017, and it comes in force (optionally )from the 17th May 2017 !!! (And still no notification...)

    Not only that half the information needed to comply with it won't be published until the 17/05/17 .

    And - we've never had any consultation whatsover. We work with 4 of the leading heat pump manufacturers, all of whom sit on the MCS technical group for heat pumps and NONE of them knew this was coming out last week!!

    Oh well yet another day understanding all the changes and implementing them and... they have still not updated the RHI metering requirements for heat pumps following the recent review.
    BMW moment over..
    (Bitch Moan, Whine :) ) - We all need one once in a while.
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