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  1. Matchless.plumb

    Matchless.plumb Trusted Plumber GSR

    Does anyone of you guys use one of the models DDM 1 or DDM 2

    I am quite interested in this piece of kit. is there any other model like DDM 3 ? I would like to buy the latest version with dust free drilling.

    kind regards
  2. moonlight

    moonlight Plumber GSR

    I have the DDM1 and the dust extraction version.
    I am not a hundred percent happy, the drill its self seems ok clutch fine no kick back, Its very long by the time you have everything connected , since buying it I have only cut 3 flue holes with it. It is very heavy by the time you have added the dust extractor and the hoover and not forgetting the core bit. The drill comes with two spanners for removing the core bit and extractor, one of mine doesn't fit. You will need to buy a pilot drill for the cores it doesn't come with one. The cores cut well but not suitable to use without dust extraction as they are not vented block easy. Maybe the newer models are better?
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  3. Matchless.plumb

    Matchless.plumb Trusted Plumber GSR

    Thank you very much for your detailed reply. I can imagine that it's not light at all. I would have thought by spending such a money and being specialised in diamond core drills they should think about the weight of it. It's also not nice spend the money and having no pilot drill that's seems weird, to me.

    I was hoping to have found something which is pure quality as they are specialised in their products. Maybe someone has got the DDM 2 and has a better opinion about it.
  4. Gasmk1

    Gasmk1 GSR

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  5. moonlight

    moonlight Plumber GSR

    That's a lot more money :eek: and heavy.
    I found this from 2010 Link. Marcrist ddm2
    I have both the DDM2 and the DDM3. Same machine but the DDM3 is higher powered and faster. The 2 cost £300 odds with a couple of 850 core bits and the 3 about £430 for the gun itself.
    If you do a lot of drilling it is the best buy you will ever make.
    My DDM2 was (ab)used daily drilling walls up to 4ft thick and pushed so hard i've had to wear gloves to hold it it was so hot and even pushed it with my feet. It refused to die no matter what i did to it and lasted 4 years before i the clutch gave in.
    I got it repaired by a local diamond drilling company who service their own gear for £60 but as i use it daily and couldn't be without it, i bought the DDM3. It is different geared and has 3 speeds up to 3500rmp so of course i use it on speed 3 for everything regardless of what core size and what the makers recommend.
    I think being long, heavy is a pain, if they could only drop the motor under rather than out, they would be far better.
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  6. Matchless.plumb

    Matchless.plumb Trusted Plumber GSR

    Alright, so I made a choice and will get the ddm2 that should be enough for me. It's a decent machine and looking forward to use it soon:) thanks lads thumbs up
  7. Nick Cox

    Nick Cox GSR

    I bought a DDM 2 and sent it back within a week as they are so heavy, got a Hilti now fantastic purchase and great service too
  8. cr0ft

    cr0ft Trusted Plumber GSR

    One tool I've never purchased really. I use a Hilti TE7-C and that's always done a grand job for me up to 6" holes for extractors. Having said that, I've never used a core drill and I suspect if I did buy one I'd never go back :)
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