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Discuss Lowara Ecocirc Pump - Williams & Co. in the Product Reviews area at

  1. Gray0689

    Gray0689 Trusted Plumber GSR

    Lowara ecocirc 25/60 pump
    Fitted this pump last night in my own home I swopped the pump that was a grundfos alpha 2
    Just wanted to see that the difference would be and to be honest I really don't see any difference in performance I set it to its modulating function same as the alpha 2 was on and seems to be working the same for a pump that is in my opinion cheap I was expecting a pump of a lot les quality it certainly feels of a good quality and seems to be working exactly the same imho
    For an A rated pump that you can get for not a lot more money than a standard grundfos pump I would defiantly be using these pumps again and ill not even mind to much paying for the next one
    My only criticism is the pump washers needs rubber ones as standard not fibre but not a big problem lol
    Again thanks ray a very good freebie indeed
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    REDSAW Guest

    Re: Williams & Co product review thread

    lowara pump.

    previously looking what grundfos were charging for their 'a' rated pumps now the rules have changed, seemed to me like a rip off and profiting from it all for the wrong reasons. knowing that this pump is on the market i now consider it as my pump of choice to offer my customers, without a hefty price tag i now can see my services as more competitive for pump replacement jobs.
    the pump is pretty quiet and as easy to install as others. those fiber washers do not give me much confidence though and i replaced them with rubbers. i note the face of the pump is missing its branding and suggest a sticker where installers details can be inked on with installation date etc.
    how the pump will sound or last into the future..i may never know!! better get those stickers sorted.
    good price and good pump. 7½/10
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  3. Ray Stafford

    Ray Stafford Guest

    Re: Williams & Co product review thread

    The washer thing is getting to be a bit of a trend. I'll make the point to Jed when I see him next week..

    Thanks for the reviews so far, keep 'em coming.

    REDSAW Guest

    Re: Williams & Co product review thread

    what are they thinking!. fibre washers are designed to swell when wet. removal of pump unions can be really difficult at times with rubber think what it will be like with fiber as the union tightens even more over time. just my opinion. ;)
  5. kay-jay

    kay-jay Trusted Plumber GSR

    Re: Williams & Co product review thread

    My pump came with spongy foam washers (one was torn)
    But as i was replacing unions as well it wasn't an issue i just used the rubber ones supplied with those instead.
    Seems a bit crudely cast to me however it does seem incredibly robust compared to cheaper end pumps of comparable price.

    The fitting was no different to any other pump.

    Because of the unions swap i drained down system. I was concerned about the efficiency of the auto bleed function/lack of manual bleed point on refill but in the event it wasn't an issue. Not sure how the auto bleed works though as there was no noise/evidence of air being expelled but it must work because the pump runs fine.

    I have held back until now on the review as i wanted to wait and see if there were any teething issues or if the occupant noticed any difference in system performance.

    It has been 2weeks and so far no issues have presented.

    My opinion of the pump is very good and i would definitely use one again given the price versus competitors.
    However i feel that the lack of branding/labelling on the head is not a good thing in my opinion. I know its part of a marketing gimmick for the installers but im not sure how many would be bothered which leaves an unidentifiable pump of indeterminate head which for anyone replacing down the line could be a headache under/over sizing etc.

    Also the lack of labelling leaves the product looking like some 'market' version of a pump you know kind of like the adidas '4stripe' that poor kids wear.

    Thanks ray
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  6. hydrotherm

    hydrotherm Plumber GSR

    Re: Williams & Co product review thread

    Lowara A rated pump
    Easy straightforward replacement as you would expect but as previously mentioned the washers provided were discarded in favour of rubber ones.
    Air purge function was simple and seemed to do the job with no problem , pump was quiet in operation.
    Electric fly lead seemed long enough to cope with most pump location situations.
    Overall I was impressed with Lowara pump and taking cost into consideration would definitely use for future pump replacements
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  7. Dotty

    Dotty Guest

    Re: Williams & Co product review thread

    Lowara Pump

    Finally got round to fitting mine today. Mine was just a straight swap. As other's have said the fibre washers look and feel a bit iffy so I swapped them for rubber washers. The lack of a data plate on the end of the pump does give it a cheap rebrand look.

    Instructions were nice and fairly clear. Ran the auto bleed function and now have it fully modulating. Time will tell whether there's a significant cost saving.

    Having said all that the pump does have a nice robust feel to it. the retail price makes it very competetive.

    However, whether or not it can cope with the bends in Sqube is another question entirely!
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  8. Leo21

    Leo21 Trusted Plumber GSR

    Re: Williams & Co product review thread

    Fitted my first in hopefully a long line of free pumps today.
    as above fibre washers were discarded, and I'm not keen on the leed. When fitting a replacement it's a faf having to wire into a ten way or similar instead of three wires at the pump.
    liked the l.e.d. letting me know there's power there and it hums along nicely. I have no idea about the purge feature, the instruction book looked far to thick for my liking.
    i would also preferred it if it had access to the spindle, so you could actually see if the pump is operating in the future.
  9. Megaflo-Experts

    Megaflo-Experts Plumber GSR

    Re: Williams & Co product review thread

    Lowara Ecocirc Circulating Pump.

    The Lowara Ecocirc 25-6 is a nice, all black, modern looking pump. It came in a smart box, and whilst the pump was well packaged, one of the fibre washers was damaged and unusable.

    Installing the pump was simple and as straightforward as expected; similar to fitting any other more well known pumps.
    Setting the different modes for the first time, was a little fiddly; not difficult, but more in terms of remembering the steps. Not an issue with the instructions at hand, but a few years down the line it wouldn't be something easily remembered! However, after a few installations, I'm sure these will become second nature!

    Overall, I think the pump looks solid and functional, but I wonder if that translates into a basic, industrial looking pump, in the customer's eyes! Having said that, I believe the pumps can 'dressed' with a personalised sticker on the end cap, which may make it a little more attractive!

    For me, my focus is on quality and functionality, and therefore I have no problem in recommending and installing the Lowara Ecocirc pump, especially as I know it's made by a reputable and established company.

    Many thanks to Ray for the opportunity to use and test this product which has already spotted in my local Williams & Co.
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  10. Howsie

    Howsie Plumber

    Re: Williams & Co product review thread

    Lowara Ecocirc 25/60 Pump

    I finally got around to fitting this last week and first impressions are good, seems well made and the MI are well written. I agree with the washer comment.

    It's been in and doing what it's supposed to. What more can you say?

    Will I specify one next time? Yes. Manufactures/Merchants do influence what I specify and by giving me one to try out is exactly how to do it.

    Thank you Ray & Lowara!

    Howsie (freebie tart)
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