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  1. Rueben Derrick

    Rueben Derrick New Member


    We live in Ruislip, HA47UY.

    Our PRV is leaking into our overflow. System has not had a service in over 3 years so will need one of these as well. I was unaware it needed this.

    This was a video I made to explain the issue which I now realise requires an expert.

    You need to click on the video to hear my wonderful voice.

    Also a concern; I have had experiences with plumbers where they seems confused as to the source of an issue and to solve this they start replacing parts in the system until the issue is solved. To me this seems more like guess work until luck runs it's course. With respect if your a qualified plumber I would assume this reduces the 'guess' and 'luck' elements from your problem solving approach.

    I don't want anyone put off replying becasue maybe I'm looking at this wrong but I would hope you have methods of testing and isolate the source of the problems and then address the specific fault :)

    Regards Rueben
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