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  1. Freezing1

    Freezing1 New Member

    Hi - first time posting here but have been reading a lot of posts! I don't know a lot about central heating systems, so apologies if I over explain what is happening.

    I've got a Glowworm Compact 100e combi boiler which we have called out three engineers to have a look at and none of them can give us a straight answer to what's going on.

    The demand hot water works fine, I should say - the problem is with the central heating circuit. The radiators in the house have been running significantly cooler than they did last winter. Plus the burner would come on for just 10-15 seconds at a time and then go off for several minutes, so the amount of heat being put into the system was obviously very low.

    So we figured it must be a blockage in the system.

    The first chap flushed the system and during the flush, the radiators around the house were very hot. When he disconnected his pump, the temperature in the system went down and the pump made a lot of noise. He said we needed to get a new pump but unfortunately he couldn't do it.

    So we got a second engineer out who agreed, it was the pump and got a new one. He also noted that the flow restrictor or flow switch had been installed backwards(?), so he got a new one and installed that. After installing it, the pump ran more quietly but the burner still doesn't fire up for more than 10 seconds at a time.

    He suspected a blockage in the heat exchanger so he hooked up a pump and ran water through it and said that it appeared to be fine.

    He carried on doing some other things and then finally gave up, leaving without charging us anything, even for the new pump he had fitted because he 'felt bad' about not being able to fix it.

    The third chap came and discovered that a valve on the outbound leg of the central heating circuit was closed, so he reopened that which means we have a trickle of heat moving around the system but after looking at it for an hour said it was most likely a blockage in the heat exchanger.

    So I suspect the problem is that the engineers we have seen so far aren't knowledgeable enough about this model of boiler, so I'm looking for someone with some expertise to come out and diagnose the problem. I have contacted Glowworm who said the boiler is obsolete since 2014 so they won't service it.

    Would love to hear from anyone who has an idea what the problem might be.

  2. rpm

    rpm Trusted Plumber

    Welcome to the forum, can`t help you myself I`m afraid but sounds like the second guy was a decent guy so keep his number for other plumbing stuff should you need him.
  3. Rickster123

    Rickster123 Guest

    If anyone is interested in carrying out the necessary work please contact the op directly.