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  1. keithgr

    keithgr Guest

    Hi,I had a new logic+combi24 boiler fitted early this year. The heating function is working perfect, but I have trouble with the hot water system. Only one hot tap in the house is giving hot water, the other ones at best is only tepid more often than not completely cold. The one that is working, in the downstairs cloakroom, is giving very hot water. Any observations on this please?

    Thankyou, Keith
  2. Simon F

    Simon F Trusted Plumber GSR

    suggests an issue with pressure or flow rate
  3. diamondgas

    diamondgas Trusted Plumber GSR

    :welcome: to the forum Keith :)

    How good is your cold water flow would you say? Can you run a tap downstairs and one upstairs? Is the tap in question that is tepid thermostatic do you know? And is the tap in question the bath tap? Your boiler has a 5yr warranty, by-the-way so the manufacturers are your first port of call should you want someone out!

    However if you can answer the above it may help us more help you :)
  4. keithgr

    keithgr Guest

    Thanks very much for your answer. The water flow is fine, a tap upstairs and one downstairs at the same time flowing strong. There is no thermostates on any taps, just the shower. All the taps are tepid except for the wash basin in the downstairs cloakroom, that is the only one that gets really hot. The boiler is upstairs in what was the airing cupboard.

  5. benny_headland

    benny_headland Guest

    What about your shower? Does that get hot?
  6. keithgr

    keithgr Guest

    Thanks for your reply. A tap upstairs and a tap downstairs running strong at the same time. No thermostates on any taps other than the shower. All taps are tepid or cold other than the wash basin in the downstairs cloakroom, that is the only one that gets hot.The boiler is upstairs in what used to be the airing cupboard.

  7. keithgr

    keithgr Guest

    No, the shower does not get hot.
  8. diamondgas

    diamondgas Trusted Plumber GSR

    I had a feeling you might come back with something like this... It could be as simple as the fact its winter alas! 24kW boiler is limited in its hot water capabilities, great in the summer but perfomance weakens in the winter months!

    Easiest fix is to restrict the flow of water to the taps that are tepid! Turn them back a bit until the water gets to the temp you desire!

    You can also check the boiler performance if you posses a stop watch, thermometer and some form of water gauge, milk bottle, measuring jug, that sort of thing? :)
  9. benny_headland

    benny_headland Guest

    Could have a cold and hot crossed somwhere causing it to mix ?!?!
  10. benny_headland

    benny_headland Guest

    Yes I get that on my boiler actually have to turn the shower valve all the way round in the winter to get any good heat out of it ! Crappy 24 kw gloworm!!!
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  11. Alpha man

    Alpha man GSR

    Sounds like a DHW heat exchanger blockage or scale problem, Get the manufacture out!
  12. hammers4spanner

    hammers4spanner Plumber GSR

    Didn't fancy registering then?
  13. Dotty

    Dotty Guest

    No, and he decided to annoy too by posting on an ancient thread.
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