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  1. Walis

    Walis GSR

  2. ShaunCorbs

    ShaunCorbs S. Mod Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    Yes aslong as no money is transferred but you need to be competent
  3. Walis

    Walis GSR

    Who is competent then? Plasterer? Baker?
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  4. snowhead

    snowhead Well-Known Member

    Anyone who can demostrate and possibly prove with paperwork and or witnesses that they have suitable experience and training in the relevant subject to the same level that would be required by anyone employed in that subject.

    Even if it's your own home or you're not being paid to do the work, get it wrong and cause a death, serious injury or serious financial loss and you'll possibly end up in jail.
    The Police will procecute not H.S.E. as it's not employment related.
  5. Jock Spanners

    Jock Spanners Plumber GSR

    Why are you asking this question on a pigeon shooting forum?
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  6. Chuck

    Chuck Active Member

    There is no answer to this question because there is a lack of relevant case law. In practice, trials only take place when the work has been found to be dangerous, in which case there is little doubt that the work was carried out by someone incompetent so the hypothetical question (Who other than a GSR might be competent?) does not get answered .

    In my opinion, people who believe themselves to be 'competent' but who don't have a current GSR ticket for some reason should have the good sense to employ a GSR to do the work for them.
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  7. firemant

    firemant Plumber GSR

    As per Chuck, I have always thought the way to decide if someone is "competent", is simply: is it done correctly?If yes, then this is evidence of competency for that particular task.
    We easily forget that the pro's in this industry are privileged. As far as i can see, we are the only general trade that is protected in the sense that one has to be registered to work legally.

    What is potentially more dangerous,and likely to cause an incident? A competent DIYer fitting a gas plug, or one fitting brake shoes/pads etc to a car weighing in excess of a ton an a half?
  8. Ric2013

    Ric2013 Plumber

    IS it a protected trade though? Page 3 of the "Main" (Baxi) boiler IOMs suggests you can ntotify via building control rather than use the competent person (Gas Safe) scheme. If this (and my understanding) is correct, then doesn't it make gas much the same as electrics (except that not all electrical work is notifiable)?

    I agree with your point about cars, and some of the work I've done (untrained) it is slightly scary to think that nobody is checking what you do to your own car. That said, a car only goes back together one way (not totally true, but gas installations are far more complex as the installer has to design them).
  9. Lambed84

    Lambed84 GSR

    Very good hypothetical question. My guess is similar to choosing weather the chicken or the egg came first...
  10. Lambed84

    Lambed84 GSR

    Not sure I agree entirely with this. The design of the gas side of an installation is outlined quite specifically by each manufacturer of said appliance, ie having limits to what can and can't be done and not to be contravened under any circumstances. The water side is pretty much configure what you want how you want leaving variations pretty much limitless.
    In my interpretation knowing the difference between the 2 and being able to put them into practice on each job that may vary hugely defines the level of competency held by an individual.
  11. Ric2013

    Ric2013 Plumber

    I'm not sure which of my points you don't quite agree with :)

    What I meant about cars is that servicing is not modification, if done correctly, so if you're able to get it back together at all, your not very likely to get it wrong without being aware something isn't right. (In fairness, not everyone is meticulous, which is why I say this isn't totally true).

    Gas you are constrained by manufacturer's requirements, but you have to actually read the manual. Plus a lot won't be in the manual such as how to fabricate and design a gas run correctly, how to seal a flue, how to work on a gas run safely, test for leaks etc. So while an untrained but manually skilled person could arguably hang the boiler correctly if the MIs are detailed enough, the gas run itself and the act of working with gas is more dangerous than working on a car.

    After all, if I balance the car on a milk crate instead of an axle stand and I'm the only one working near it, it won't injure anyone else but me.

    I suppose all I really mean is that (if I understand it correctly) I could quite legally notify building control and install a boiler. Perhaps I couldn't legally do it for gain though? And that, so long as I'm conscientious, I'm less likely to create a hazard to others working on a car, or when that car is later driven, through ignorance, than working on a gas installation.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2017
  12. Lambed84

    Lambed84 GSR

    I wish that were the case... My engine literally fell out of my car on the m5 with my 3 kids in the car. Mechanic used too many newton metres in doing up engine mounts. I don't what the right pressure is and I doubt any DIY'er would...
    The point I was trying to make I fear has gotten lost somewhat.
    Best way to avoid risk to life or property, however big or small is to leave it to the professionals whatever the trade or industry.
  13. Ric2013

    Ric2013 Plumber

    YIKES! But your mechanic was a professional. Haynes manual contains torque settings for most critical components.
  14. Lambed84

    Lambed84 GSR

    Alas, the issue of competency, as I said in the first place.
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