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Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by townfanjon, Dec 31, 2016.

  1. townfanjon

    townfanjon Plumbers Arms member

    To all ...... Have a Happy and healthy New Year.
    I dont do the prosperous bit anymore , health is far more important.

    "your health is your wealth"

    I will toast you all from the New Inn tonight with my usual JD and coke , all the best .

    "up the Town"
  2. Riley

    Riley Plumbers Arms member

    And to you my friend. All the best to you and all my UKPF mates. Good health to you all
  3. turnpin

    turnpin Plumbers Arms member

    To all members of the best plumbing forum for miles old and new Happy New Year and to you all..I wish you all health wealth and happiness and a great regards Turnpin:17::50::54::8::party::hurray:
  4. APPlumbing

    APPlumbing Responsible Moderator...

    Happy new year everyone! A quiet night in for me and Kate tonight. Surprise 70th birthday for my hero tomorrow. Dads still a super hero to me!
    Then once all that's done and it's calmed down here I'm going to ask Kate to marry me. I think she's earnt it after nearly 10 years!! Hope it doesn't go lemon, I've lost the ring receipt!!
  5. turnpin

    turnpin Plumbers Arms member

    See I told you that Moretti would make a real man of you....hope you get your wish to marry the love of your life..just don't fix the date another 10 years down the line .....seriously all the best Adam to you and yours regards Turnpin:party:
  6. Riley

    Riley Plumbers Arms member

    Good luck buddy. I want to do it but she's bloody hard work. Chick flicks and friends have knackered the simple mans proposal
  7. Best

    Best UK Plumbersforums Trusted Advisor.

    A Happy 2017 to everyone!
    Form is good with me and my lady is making me dinner. She isn't getting a ring though. :smile:
    Have a good New Year's Eve and Day!
  8. joni os

    joni os Plumbers Arms member

    This Kate must be a mighty handsome Lady if both youse want to marry her.
  9. Riley

    Riley Plumbers Arms member

    Ha ha croppie too
  10. APPlumbing

    APPlumbing Responsible Moderator...

    I'm not doing the proposal at midnight thing. Too cheesy and old hat. I'll do it when she's burning a tray of sausage rolls tomorrow!
  11. Riley

    Riley Plumbers Arms member

    My foo fighters thing fell flat when mr grohl broke his leg. Idiot!! Been stuck ever since
  12. turnpin

    turnpin Plumbers Arms member

    going to catch her on the hop then ....just so she has to say yes to distract you away from said sausage rolls:rofl: regards Turnpin
  13. Last Plumber

    Last Plumber New Member

    All the best wishes to all of you. Happy new year !
  14. joni os

    joni os Plumbers Arms member

    Best time to secure a lady's affection is :- When you've fixed her car. When you've fixed her heating. When she's drunk. This may just be personal experience, but morning after New Year
    definitely dodgy.
    What ever you choose. Don't say it like you're doing her a favour.
  15. APPlumbing

    APPlumbing Responsible Moderator...

    Haha thanks for the encouragement!! I'm not doing her a favour. I'd be lost without her really.
  16. Stoney Ground

    Stoney Ground Member

    Be much cheaper to by a Satnav.

    Good luck I'm sure she won't be able to resist you, make sure you iron the wrinkles out your thong.
  17. AlexGas

    AlexGas Plumbers Arms member

    Happy New Year to all of you!!! Let all your dreams and wishes come true! Keep safe!
  18. SimonG

    SimonG UK Plumbersforums Trusted Advisor.

    Happy Sunday Eve.
    Happy January Eve.
    Happy 2017 Eve.

    Just another day.
  19. Best wishes with the proposal and for the future!
  20. croppie

    croppie Forum Thug

    Adam, my heartfelt congratulations in advance. Kate is a rare gem for putting up with you.

    And to the rest of you, this is a masonic toast, slightly altered, that always feels appropriate for this time of year.

    Dear brethren of the plumbing art, the night is waning fast,
    Our work is done, our feast is o'er, this toast must be the last.
    Good night to all, once more good night,*
    again that farewell strain,
    Happy to meet, sorry to part, happy to meet again.

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