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Discuss I'm lookin for someone that can take a look at an Elson Coral E in SW London in the Looking for a Heating Engineer? Post Jobs Here area at

  1. charlie_p

    charlie_p New Member


    I recently bought a 2 bed flat fitted with a Elson Coral E thermal store unit, and unfortunately it's not generating any hot water from the over night immersion heater. The water isn't as cold as the cold water tap, but it's also not anywhere near lukewarm let alone hot. Also worth noting, the pipe to the left of the blending valve isn't hot to the touch.

    The additional boost immersion heater and manages to output some hot water before turning luke warm after a min or two. I've tried turning the blending vavle though this hasn't made a difference.

    Can anyone recommend a company/individual that has exposure to this type of unit in the SW London area?

    Many Thanks,
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