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  1. AWheating

    AWheating Trusted Plumber GSR

    A couple of weeks ago i did a Hetas (Solid Fuel) training course. Due to the rise in the number of customers, friends and family members that have been asking for solid fuel installations and advise i decided it was time to get qualified and learn more about what i can offer my customers rather than passing work on to other companies. Having only installed a couple of solid fuel systems as an apprentice with a experienced engineer i did not really have enough knowledge to answer the questions i was being asked or comment of existing installations.

    After a little research on the Hetas Website HETAS : Homepage i decided i wanted to do two course's. H003 Dry Appliance Installer and H004 Wet Appliance Installer. They have full details of all the course's and training providers on the Hetas website. This once i register with hetas will allow me to install dry and wet solid fuel appliance's and be able to self certify.

    The training center i went to was Gastec at CRE, based in Cheltenham Welcome to Kiwa GASTEC at CRE , mainly chosen due to its location and training dates. I am happy to report i was not disappointed with either the course or the training center. The course was very simular in structure to the ACS gas course i have done over and over again. Basically it included training, written and practical assessments. Assessments are the same, 100% correct answers on the written papers and practical difficulty was about the same level as the gas. You can use all your course books and notes in both assessments.

    One thing i did not know untill i got to the training center was that its basically next door to the Hetas head office. They also not only provide training but also do product testing for manufactures among other things (see the website). Which i think showed in how knowlegable the trainers were.

    All reference material, books are provided as part of the course for you to keep. Basically Hetas's own reference materials including copies of the building regulations that apply to the course. Also provided was lunch, very nice sanga's thanks to Mavis and free tea and coffee.

    Our trainer for the 4 days was a very plesant man named Martin. A walking encyclopedia, but not in the boring way. One of the better trainers i have had, he made the atmosphere in the class room relaxed and as informal as you would want. He made what i suppose could have been a boring few days fly by. I normally go to sleep doing these things, its just what i do, but i kept awake and alert.
    Rather than spend his time trying to force rules and regulations into our brains we were treated like adults and actuall encouraged to discuss things and ask as many questions as possible. It was very enjoyable.

    On assessment day i was confident i had been given what training i needed to do well. Only 1 answer wrong on each written paper first time round and got through the practicle with no major problems. You can either put that down to me being very inteligent :smug: (yeah right) i think it was more down to how well the course was run. The assessor a man named Andy was very calm and positive, unlike some i have experienced on other courses which helped keep any nerves down.

    The course cost a total of £1120 including vat. I dont know how that compares to other hetas training providers?? so i cant give much of a view on value. I paid so i was happy enough. I went on the course with a mate, he arrange the course and checked other centers prices and they were simular in price from what he told me.

    So if your think about getting into solid fuel, etc... you will not go wrong doing your training course at Gastec at CRE. They also offer other Hetas courses, bio mass, Chimney Sweep,Flue Design. Take a look. Either way if you want to get into solid fuel installs i highly recommend the hetas training courses.

    Welcome to Kiwa GASTEC at CRE
    HETAS : Homepage

    mods, if this is in the wrong forum please kick it over the the right one pleeeese!
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    Last edited: May 13, 2012
  2. tamz

    tamz Guest

    I have often thought about doing the Hetas course but any requests to do solid fuel work are now few and far between and there is no requirement in Scotland to be Hetas registered.
    Many years ago (early 80's) i did the SFAS (Solid Fuel Advisory Service, at that time run by the coal board) course as i needed it to do solid fuel council work.
    Without a doubt, it was the best run and most informative course i've ever went on, one that i actually learned (a lot) from. It covered not only solid fuel stuff but also heating design, put over by an excellent lecturer in an easy to understand way.
    I may do it in the future at some point as i'd need it if i want to add it to my CoC stuff but that depends on the demand.
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  3. mutley racers

    mutley racers Plumber GSR

    hi Aw, i am looking at getting a wood burning stove in my house. it is a 1920s property that had open fireplaces. i was just looking on part J of the building regulations and am I right in thinking the the hearth needs to come out 500mm from the sides of the opening? I have the original constructional hearths in but they don't protrude that far out. they're just over 300mm. Also, do the sides only have to be 200mm wide and so i can widen my fireplace so there is only 1 brick wide each side?

    I would like to get this already before getting the boys in to do the main install

    Cheers mate
  4. Howsie

    Howsie Plumber

    Nice thread. Good info. Thanks!
  5. AWheating

    AWheating Trusted Plumber GSR

    without checking my notes i think the measurements differ from what type the appliance is. eg. open fire, stove with door open (can be used with door open), stove with door closed. Many stove manufactures will give you specific measurements so check the instructions. As reguards the fireplace im not sure what you mean? the fireplace sides cant be reduced to the point they weaken the structure, you can normally tell when you strip the plaster off and see how the things constructed/where lintles are etc... but if unsure speak to a good builder.
  6. mutley racers

    mutley racers Plumber GSR

    Thanks AW. My fire opening was bricked up so i unbricked it and now its at original width 480 wide. I would like to open it so i have seen builders just cut it down to 1 brick wide either side and wack a longer concrete lintel in. I see in the building regs J that it says the Jambs (which is what I think they call the sides from the document) have to be a minimum of 200mm wide. I guess a builder is my point of call then
  7. Koogatubac

    Koogatubac Plumber GSR

    For my hetas later in the year im going to switzerland or holland for free training :)
  8. mutley racers

    mutley racers Plumber GSR

    free training hey? How do you get that then? What is the criteria?
  9. mutley racers

    mutley racers Plumber GSR

    it sounds interesting
  10. TBServices

    TBServices Guest

    My mates who've got it say the jobs coming in are a pain in the ass. Mainly building works. Wouldn't mind having it though.
  11. Koogatubac

    Koogatubac Plumber GSR

    Yeah its alot of building works! New employer is putting me through it, something about sponsorship hes got. He said hes thinking about drifting away from domestic and just go towards commercial and hetas work. I dont really like it, prefer working domestic work plus he hasnt said anything about pay rise or nythin :p
  12. AWheating

    AWheating Trusted Plumber GSR

    i think the lintel needs 150mm to 200mm support either side anyway, a 9" brick width would give you 200mm but speak to your builder for advise.
  13. mutley racers

    mutley racers Plumber GSR

    Cool, cheers AW
  14. stratplus

    stratplus Plumber GSR

    Adam, hoping to go there in the spring to do the dry stove and twin wall courses.
    Couple of questions if I may pick your brains:

    1) Is it frowned upon to fit twin wall directly on to the stove?

    2) Do hetas require the stove to be removed without the need to dismantle the flue by use of an adjustable piece as per part "J". Spoke to a stove retailer who said they never do this. Was thinking of using adjustable twinwall for this.

    3) Many installs of twinwall have a fireplace/chimney breast built around the twinwall. Regs require joints to be inspects le i.e. Flues in voids. Do installers account for this by having a 300x300mm hatch fitted at the side of the masonry chimney breast? As above, told installers don't allow for this either.
    You wouldn't be able to view the joints by looking up inside the chimney due to the closure plate used to seal the open void.
  15. stratplus

    stratplus Plumber GSR

    Adam, the reason for the twinwall directly onto the stove was if an oak beam was fitted for a mantle. There would be a brick/lintel behind the beam but think you would still need 200mm between the single wall flue and the beam??
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