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  1. bigbeticeman

    bigbeticeman New Member

    hi all, we have just moved house to a 3 bed dorma bungalow with run of the mill combi boiler, we have a coalbrookdale darby stove which we'd love to put in but beforehand i would really appreciate anybodys feedback on these h2 panels and the rough cost, and any other requirements to the install as it seems like a very good idea, many thanks
  2. tamz

    tamz Guest

    H2 panels are good.They do what it says on the tin. There are other ways to do it which may be better or not....subject to survey.
    Costs... how long is a piece of string...subject to survey.

    Ring round a few local guys or ask on here.
    If it is someone from here they are in front of their peers and wouldn't have the life of a dog if they messed up.
    Much safer than checkmylocalchancertrader or whatever ;)
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  3. SimonG

    SimonG Trusted Plumber

    Expensive. I don't even price these jobs anymore. I find 99.9% of people think great idea until they realise the actual cost. Most people think it's a couple of t's and a bit of pipe.
  4. bigbeticeman

    bigbeticeman New Member

    thankyou for the responses, that was exactly my point, the £600ish for the panel was a given, but i am quite unclear as to the other expenses, ie is there a rough cost for a f and e tank and cylinder and is there anything im missing. my other option is to just put tank in loft and have some rads off it, i believe i have about 8kw to shift , probably 3 rads and a heat leak, im also unsure of any other requirements to that setup. any help greatly appreciated
  5. Riley

    Riley Plumber GSR

    I think what the guys are alluding to is that unlike a normal single fuel system there is a lot of piping intricacy and a lot of safety thought involved if I were you I would be getting some qualified people in to quote and advise rather than guessing what you need
  6. bigbeticeman

    bigbeticeman New Member

    thanks for your help, i was basically trying to access whether i could afford the work,as this wants doing before any more decoration. thanks again
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