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  1. 33ching

    33ching Guest

    How long should you guarantee work for after you have completed a job. I have been working as a mate for a couple of self employed plumbers during my training and they both have different views on this.
    One said if there are no leaks and everything is working and the customer is happy and he has been paid then his guarantee expires as soon as he starts his van to leave. The other one said it depends on the job and might vary from 1 week to a month.
  2. newbie1

    newbie1 Guest

    i agree with you first mate
    get customer to sign off the work happy with standard and that there are no faults..but advise should a problem occur you will rectify it but not for no cost
    after you have left anything could happen,,he moves the washing machine and disturbs a pipe cracks a joint and bingo your there for free and paying for damage for something you havnt done
    parts will be guaranteed from manufacturer but your labour to replace cannot be for free
    you do a job sign it off as both happy and get paid job done after that its a new job
  3. david williams

    david williams Guest

    most plumbers give a one year guarantee on work compleated. ie the work you have done, not the work carried out by any previous contractor.but legaly you could be liable for up to six years for bad workmanship or design.
  4. Plumbstar Tom

    Plumbstar Tom Well-Known Member

    I would advise to not specifiy if any thing goes wrong they will surely call you up and if it is due to poor work man ship then put your tail between your legs and rectify. But more often than not it can be a dodgy product that has its own warranty so I would help by finding out the contact details for the manufacturer
  5. Bernie2

    Bernie2 Guest

    You are selling a product don't forget. It gets the same kind of gurantee you would get on any goods.

    New houses get 12 months and as been said, possibly longer if its bad design.
  6. Saay

    Saay New Member

    boiler pressure goes down leak on the pipe work under the floor on a new installation. Found the problem 3 week after work completed. Plumber came back told us to give access as I have put new lamented flooring. Who isresponsible on removing theflooring any advice please thanks
  7. townfanjon

    townfanjon Trusted Plumber GSR

    Ancient post pal
  8. Saay

    Saay New Member

    I know but need an advice so thought I'd post it on here and see if anyone take notice thanks