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Discuss Ground source Heat Pump... My first one. in the Find a Renewable Energy Specialist area at

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  1. Francis.

    Francis. Engineer

    I've nearly completed a Barn conversion on a 2 Acre plot.
    The ground collector pipes have all been Trenched in deeper than the land drainage on the site & deeper than the septic tank soakaway as well... My theory on this is you can't freeze running water & winter ground water temperatures will be far better than air temperature.
    I'm a M & E engineer so well acquainted with the laws of Physics, I've had to get a qualified plumber in as the install comes under building regs G3 pressurised systems.
    Seems the ground collector circuit is also classed as pressurised as it's closed, so requires a PRV, tundish (the Whole Hog ).. even though the top up bottle is simply opened at will to top up the antifreeze level as required.
    The entire experience has been not good... Bought my system from ICE energy, paid upfront just before they went bust, so started again & bought a IVT heat pump from Alto energy ( same people, new firm).
    Instructions about leaving enough room for metering equipment for the RHI grant money are a bit vague, so contacted Alto tech support for clarification, seems that most systems don't get fitted with flow meters & the RHI payments are based on the electric meter readings.
    I've tried to keep the whole system as simple as possible by not zoning the Underfloor Heating, so allowing the heat pump itself to circulate to the underfloor Manifolds on the understanding that keeping the pump working temperatures a low as possible will improve the system efficiency.
    I usually only post on here for answers to problems & this seems more of a blog than the usual posts.
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