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  1. cfitz93

    cfitz93 New Member

    Hi all.

    I have a few queries on gas courses. I'm new to this field and have been looking at doing a gas course to become a gas engineer. I'm under no illusions of how hard it will be and also I know I need to make sure I have completed enough work experience before any future employer will take a punt on me.

    Im just wondering if anyone has completed the whole process and been able to find work that doesn't include being self employed ?

    also has anyone heard of training developments Scotland ? Or the CTS group and scot gas training limited?

    any help and advice would be greatly appreciated


  2. Riley

    Riley Plumber GSR

    Make no bones about it mate it is nigh on impossible to find employed work after a fast track course. Can I ask do you have any plumbing background? It's often better to try and find someone to work with and take it as an apprentice type route.just do a search on this forum there are reams of people that have asked the same question
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  3. dancinplumba

    dancinplumba Trusted Plumber GSR

    Why ? Just Why ?
  4. Samba85.

    Samba85. New Member


    I am Al sob looking in to this with the same training provider. They offer guaranteed work placements during the six months but of course do not and could not guarantee work after.

    It is a big outlay not only foe the course but also to live for the 6 months and I am wary of scam companies. They are called training development Scotland.

    Has anyone Amy experience and if so what would you suggest?

    The first two responses don't fill me with confidence..

    What do you mean by why? Just why?

    Any help and advice greatly appreciated.
  5. Samba85.

    Samba85. New Member

    Last edited: Jan 17, 2017
  6. Riley

    Riley Plumber GSR

    What my esteemed colleague is getting at is the market is already saturated with unqualified and inexperienced engineers. Unless you are looking to go self employed you will have pretty much no chance of employment.
  7. Samba85.

    Samba85. New Member

    Cheers Riley
  8. Clanger

    Clanger Active Member

    The oversupply in plumbing and gas is visible. On average colleges are progressing 46% of students into work - for plumbing it is way lower but no stat available. then you got 3million apprentices that gov are paying large firms to take on - this drives down pay and it is designed to. Then you got colleges buying houses to train plumbers which is a false demand adding to supply side. Then you got migration and cheap foreign labour...and then you got a fragmented workforce with no collective power or consciousness of the forces acting against them - who speaks for the installer - Charlie give us a kiss Mullins. A job in Costa would pay more, have less hassle and prospects for future!
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  9. Samba85.

    Samba85. New Member

    Thanks gain for the informstion clanger. Appreciated.

    When I visited the training centre a couple of the students had offers of employment pending successful completion of the course and having spoke to a colleague in agency recruitment for the industry I was under the impression that the roles would be easy enough to come across? I am not doubting your knowledge.

    Does anyone have any positive experiences of an intensive course like training development Scotlandn provides or know of anything ne that has?
  10. Samba85.

    Samba85. New Member

    Last edited: Jan 17, 2017
  11. Riley

    Riley Plumber GSR

    I know many many people thatve struggled
  12. Clanger

    Clanger Active Member

    Samba, pm me with your email address and I will send you links to my research on this matter.
  13. Atag123

    Atag123 New Member

    Hi Chris,

    Very good topic. I will be honest and tell you the truth.

    Starting with a fast track course, can work, however with sweat, blood, years of pain and suffering for you and your family.

    I know, because i was one of the lads that was lured into it all. Open hands, admit my first job I blagged, couldnt even take the case off. The engineer who was watching laughed. I said wasnt my fault, not trained properly, but was willing to stick it out and learn.

    From that day i was determined to know the ins and outs of everything i could in the gas industry. 6 weeks on a crash course will get you your ticket, i have seen lads who can hardly speak english pass there ACS exams,all in all looking back now years down the line, fast track is a ticket for failure and embaressment unless you are willing to sacrifice everything. The old and bold are right, the good old apprentice way with old BBU's and old gravity fed systems from years ago was the way to learn your way around domestic systems. If i knew now what i never knew back when i was young id have left school at 16 and done a proper apprenticeship. However understandibly, theres people that opt for a career change, or leave the forces at 30 that want into the industry, and then along come all your little courses that promise youl be a millionaire doing 10 services a day and 20 installs a month, nonsense.

    In truth, its all down to you as an individual to how far you can go, how much work your willing to do for free. How many hours self teaching or listening to older engineers learning, practical learning is key. Alot of fast track places dont actually do alot of hands on.

    Getting your ACS is the easy part, where in hindsight it should be the hardest part.

    Experience, is key. But now your asking, how do i get experience to become experienced. Its a long hard road mate.

    My advise would be do whatever course you feel thats beneficial, start off applying for metering jobs with big companies.Not the most glamorous job however an excellent base to start from in your first few years learning all your real basic knowledge, and of course dealing with customers, which itself is a skill you will aquire over years.

    Throughout your time within a secure job who will offer training and more quals, its highly recommended to do a plumbing degree or plumbing course to enhance this side for you. If you are allowed to work in your spare time perhaps work for engineers for free on install work to get hands on, eg draining down properly, removing old systems safely and as cleanly as possibly, and getting used to doing what ever work in gas you want to do procedures.

    Over years I have spent thousands of ££££ on tools, gas safe costs, insurances,consumables, etc etc etc, and am i any better off know, not really.

    Self employment can work, but will take years to establish. Lads coming in straigh off the courses are underpricing and killing the the industry, its a dog fight.

    Sub contracting is not that much better, lots of agencies and companies making money from you, when you have all your outgoings 270 a day that some advertise soon whittles down to very little, oh and i hope you have a good electrical knowledge as that 270 you are expected to wire up your systems as well.

    However with all the hoops and hurdles never give up on your dream. Work hard, listen and learn.its a long road pal.

    By anymeans not scaring ya, just telling ya the truth mate, well on my experiences anyway. Obviously there will be lads out there that have done well and alot that have given up.

    All the best mate.
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  14. rpm

    rpm Trusted Plumber Top Contributor!!

    Good first post and welcome to the forums.
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  15. noddyman

    noddyman New Member

    There are many collages offering placements, many come to mean nothing, if you start out thinking that nothing will happen then you cant go wrong, always check with Gas Safe if a certain course will allow you entry to the register, after you get on the register then i am afraid that the best way to learn a bit more is by doing free services for friends and family, after that get yourself onto a breakdown training course, always buy the best your pocket lets you (not always easy)

    And all the best in your choice, its a good game to be in, hard work, but nothing feels much better that leaving a home with hot water and heating.



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