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  1. edwardajames

    edwardajames New Member

    Hello all,

    DIY non-expert here, please be gentle.

    I'm about to purchase an underfloor heating kit to be installed in our kitchen (total area 9.5sqm, less if not under units, so a small area!). Obviously this would be a single zone system, so a simple purchase.

    However, where I'm uncertain is whether to try and futureproof my purchase should I want to extend the piping to the room next door (dining room) at a future point. The kitchen will have a concrete subfloor, but the dining room is a suspended timber floor, which unfortunately I actually installed not so long ago with a failure of forward planning. I don't have the budget to get our builder/plumber to lift the floorboards and extend the system right now, but I figure that it wouldn't be too hard to do in future, with the between joists tray type install.

    Should I purchase a 2 zone manifold now, and get the plumber to route some blanked off piping towards the dining room to future proof it, or is that a pointless idea?

    Also, my boiler is in the loft. Should I put the pump up there, or put it in the kitchen under the sink/behind a future cupboard location somewhere?

    A final question is on brand - I am looking at the Prowarm kits from The Underfloor Heating Store (Travis Perkins spinoff), or those available on theunderfloorheatingwarehouse website. Has anyone got any thoughts on those two options in terms of quality and ease of installation?

    Thank you in advance for your help and advice. I am nervous about shelling out lots of money (for me at least) on this so want to get it right.

    Thanks . Ed