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  1. jonsmile

    jonsmile New Member

    Hi all,

    I have a (I expect) simple question to those of you in the know.

    I am looking to replace my existing shower (20 year old cubicle inc. steam jets etc) with a modern simple tray.

    The corner of the room the current cubicle is in is 1181cm wide and 1185 cm deep (and sitting on a raised plinth - assuming for drainage drop). It is in a recess.

    These measurements are tile to tile for the width.

    I want to make the most of the space so was looking at the 1200x1000 trays as an example.

    However there is the small issue of the 1200 being greater than the 1181 I measured.

    So heres the question...

    As most standard tiles are 10mm thick ( I think) can I make the assumption that if I strip off these old tiles I will gain 20mm and then have (just) enough space to fit the 1200 wide tray?

    Am I missing anything here that will prevent this from working? or do I need to play safe and get an 1100 wide tray - but these are not sold with depth of 1000 so will be narrower from what I can see.


    A slightly confused Jon :)
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  2. Best

    Best Trusted Plumber

    The shower tray is designed to fit tight against the plaster wall at top of tray. So you should be okay with those measurements.
    You might have to cut back plaster, or wall boarding a little, especially near bottom edge of tray.
    You will probably find the new tray is tapered from top to bottom, with the measurement across the top slightly less than 1200. A flexi seal might also be advisable as a belt and braces extra seal. Classic Seal is one brand
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  3. king of pipes

    king of pipes Trusted Plumber GSR

    Should be fine by the time you remove the existing tiles it will be easier if its a brick or blockwork as you can remove the plaster back to the brick ?to gain even more room , if its dry lined then safer to cut out and re boards with hardie backer waterproof tile board , have a look at mira flight trays they will be easier for you to work with as alot lighter with cheers kop
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