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  1. auger elbow

    auger elbow New Member

    Not soliciting sales, yet, just sharing the concept. Our extensive experience with the prototyping tell us:
    1. Pistol-grip drain machine designs like the ridgid k-45, general super-vee or rothenberger rospimatic are now obsolete
    2. Auto-feed mechanisms are un-needed with this design for at least up to 50' cables
    3. This design beats all pistol-grip and also small floor models/"sink machines" in every way; it works well under lavs and kitchen sinks, vents, floor and shower drains, love it for tub overflow!
    4. The lack of stress and strain it puts on the user allows user to focus on the clog/obstruction rather than the grappling match that comes with the pistol rodder machine
    5. Actually makes it a cleaner job, and once the improved drum comes more drum spray/"rooster tail"
    6. So ergonomic and easy to use a child can handle a job that a lot of adults can't, however not advocating children actually do this

    Ergo-Auger demo:

  2. snowhead

    snowhead Well-Known Member

    I've had a Rothenberger 8mm (mains powered) early version , non auto reverse, for over 15 years and never had to use it under a sink as shown in the video.
    Similar to this only with a drill built in.
    Rothenberger Rospi 6 H+E Manual Drain Snake - 7.2090

    The Rospimatic still seems to be available.
    Rothenberger Rospimatic Auto Feed Drain Cleaner 8mm x 7.5m

    I do Commercial work including Urinals so most of the waste pipework has multiple rodding points, some of which boxed in so the overall size is important.

    The support would need to be removable as it could get in the way.
    A covered drum would be useful.
    My Rothenberger has a long snout which goes into the waste pipe to stop the flex itself in a knot.
  3. neilrj

    neilrj Member

    No soliciting yet - nor will you as everyone will now just make a stick stand, that's if they aren't already, it's only the same as bodging 2 bits of batten and a bit of strapping as a drill front handle but saving on one batten! is that how it's patent-able by using only one batten...
  4. auger elbow

    auger elbow New Member

    I don't understand your definition of "bodging" and "batten". I'm assuming you may be speaking of putting a post or a leg underneath the belly or bottom of your current drill motor/body. I've tried this to help hold the machine up; the torque when turning the machine on kicks the leg out, unless one is holding the pistol-grip as well as say the nose of the drum and/or the auto-feed. With the Ergo-Auger design one can turn the machine on and off with out the machine torquing out of ones hand while one picks one's nose with the other hand if they choose...probably best to use free hand/finger for dispatching the cable. It's a one-handed operation (holding machine in place and turning on/off).

    So yes, you can try other designs and tricky methods but one day you'd realize this is the best method. Besides no need to think so hard because there's no patent in the UK or any where else in the world, except the US, so any manufacturer can retail any where they want.
  5. auger elbow

    auger elbow New Member

    Yes support is removable. Covered drum?... my experience says no but to each their own. Rare is cable-flop or kinking because one can get the nose close to the drain inlet.
  6. Matchless.plumb

    Matchless.plumb Trusted Plumber GSR

    Never seen a 6 years young girl doing a blockage :) I never used those under the sink either mostly plunger or wetvac will do the job.
  7. auger elbow

    auger elbow New Member

    If there are any manufacturers out there interested in this design let me know. I can help with the specs/engineering/design
  8. auger elbow

    auger elbow New Member

    I'm particularly interested in Bosch Tools in Germany....maybe somebody on this forum has a contact and could hook me up. I'd be grateful enough to gift an Ergo-Auger demo model to one who could facilitate a legitimate introduction...