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Discuss Edmonton, London - Thermal Store replacement in the Looking for a Plumber? Post Jobs Here area at UKPlumbersForums.co.uk.

  1. llrd

    llrd New Member

    Need to replace the existing thermal store on a ground floor flat N18 postcode. Ideally looking to get HEATBANK Pandora.
  2. turnpin

    turnpin Trusted Plumber

    Hi llrd can you not contact HEATBANK to see if they have a list of installers they can recommend in your area....regards Turnpin:biggrin:
  3. chris watkins

    chris watkins Plumber

    While on the phone to them ask about getting the existing one fixed there will be nothing wrong with the primary cylinder just the external stuff.
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  4. Dotty

    Dotty Guest

    If this job interests you please PM the op direct.