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Couple of important things to note. 1. We use Cookies, deal with it. Every website does. 2. Nobody but a currently-registered Gas Engineer should be touching gas or gas appliances. Don't mess with gas at all. 

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  1. tonto33

    tonto33 Guest

    WARNING stay away from this company they just con people out of money run by two brothers, over 20 people just lately been conned, pay money upfront for course then it cancelled or they find some reason you cant do the course and keep all payments, stating it's in there terms and conditions but you never get to see them, when try calling them they wont answer or reply to emails...Trading Standards are now looking into them as well as HRMC..
    Domestic Gas Services
  2. sparky3366

    sparky3366 Guest

    Just had a look at the web site...one thing hit me staight in the kipper. In their electrical section it states that you will be qualified to work on domestic electrical installations in order to isolate a circuit etc. but it isn't part p. You can't work n a domestic enviroment electrical system without part p as all heating work is notifiable to the lbc
  3. finkbat

    finkbat New Member

    You don't need Part P to exchange like-for-like components (stats, motorised valves etc) but you do need to have some form of training to work on electrics (ie safe isolation etc). This is applicable even for component changes in an appliance.