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  1. Arturs

    Arturs New Member

    Hello people,
    I applied for Plumber study in Hull College. As I have univercity degree of Power in Latvian Agricultural Univercity (heating system/electricity) they want to send me for LEVEL 2.
    As I am responsible person who don`t want to miss any knowlege from LEVEL 1 I want to go throuth LEVEL 1 programm quickly before start. I tried to find programm in internet, but there is nothing.
    Maybe some one has LEVEL 1 programm or knows what they studys there could give it to me for quick look.
    Thank you
  2. MorrG

    MorrG New Member

    Level 1 is for people who have just left school so don’t waste your time with it. Just do levels 2 and 3. Most employers only ask for NVQ level 2 Anyway so you might want to get that and then look into gas if that’s the road you want to go down. Either way forget level 1 it shouldn’t even exist.
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