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  1. bob12

    bob12 New Member

    Hi i'm currently on placement and my engineer's analyser is being re-calibrated and I don't have have any others readings to go of. So if some one could tell me what area of CO,CO2, CO/CO2 and O2 reading you get on balanced flue gas fires. Thanks

    CHRISX Active Member

    Hello bob12,

    I doubt very much whether you will get that information on here !

    Your question will seem to be asking for information that could be used to falsify Gas Inspection / Gas Appliance Commissioning Certificates !

    Also Gas Safety specific questions will only be replied to if the Member has proven to the Forum Moderators [Gas Safe registration etc.] that they are Gas Safe registered - they then get a `GS` badge showing that they are Gas Safe registered.

    Even if You do submit Gas Safe registration details you are still asking for Combustion information - which because you have stated that your Combustion Analyser is away for calibration - will seem to be for the purposes of falsifying either a Gas Safety or Gas Appliance Commissioning Certificate - entering `readings` that you have not taken !

    If You are supposed to be using a Combustion Analyser on the Appliances that you mentioned you must know that to produce documentation with false `readings` for those appliances / ANY appliance because you do not have a Combustion Analyser to use is potentially VERY DANGEROUS and definitely ILLEGAL !

    I await replies from other Members / a Moderator.

    Last edited: Jul 4, 2017
  3. ShaunCorbs

    ShaunCorbs S. Mod Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    Hi bob what are the readings going to be used for ?

    And normally with balanced flue fires just old school it

    CHRISX Active Member

    Hello again bob12,

    I was not suggesting that You would use the ratios that you asked about to falsify any Gas Appliance documentation.

    Having since seen Member Shaun`s reply to you I did think when writing my previous message to ask you what you wanted the figures for - BUT - I thought that Members & Moderators would `jump all over both of Us` while stating something similar to what I wrote above !

    I hope that You will take my message in the way that it was intended - to explain why We could not supply the information that you asked for in an `Open Forum` - as there could easily be other readers / non Gas Safe people who would use the figures for the wrong purposes.

  5. rpm

    rpm Trusted Plumber

    Your posts hurt eyes, any chance of one colour and one font?
  6. bob12

    bob12 New Member

    Hi CHRISX and Shaun

    The reading would be used on a placement form not any kind of gas safe certificates. I was tolled by my placement engineer that it was unnecessary on the fire we we'er servicing because it did not say to in the M.I's. But my assessor says I need it for the form even if the M.I's say not to, and if I can not get them I will have to throw this one out.

    CHRISX Active Member

    `Hello rpm,

    I don`t know why you have decided to post a comment about my occasional use of coloured text / coloured paragraphs.

    As You know - I do that to highlight comments that I believe are especially pertinent to the thread / message that I am responding to.

    I am unaware of any Font changes - I do not alter the Font between paragraphs in messages that I write on here.

    Are You an argumentative person who tries to instigate conflict between Members ?

    To answer your question:

    "No I will not confine myself to just `one colour` / the default text black / dark highlights".

    Last edited: Jul 4, 2017
  8. ShaunCorbs

    ShaunCorbs S. Mod Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    You don't need to do a fga on a fire, just

    Flame picture
    Gas rate
    Burner pressure etc

    I would be thinking twice if the collage contradict the manufacturer instructions

    But you can use these


    They were from a set of 3 rinnai gas fires, not that they will take much notice I think :)
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    CHRISX Active Member

    Hello again bob12,

    Thanks for replying / answering Shaun`s question about why you wanted the Combustion Ratio`s.

    It is strange that an Assessor has told you that you need these figures when the Gas Fire in question does not require the Combustion process to be tested using a Combustion Analyser.

  10. ShaunCorbs

    ShaunCorbs S. Mod Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    I'm guessing it's a stnd worksheet the collage uses and they need every box filled ;)
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  11. CHRISX

    CHRISX Active Member

    Last edited: Jul 4, 2017
  12. bob12

    bob12 New Member

    I think you are correct they may just want it all filled in. Even if its not needed o_O .

    And thank you for the info I can continue with the rest of my forms now:).
  13. Lambed84

    Lambed84 GSR

    I did portfolio 2 years ago. Went through a college. They said to show CPA on appliances where MI'S don't ask because it shows understanding of 7967 the readings obtained.
    Hope this helps
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