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  1. Sausages

    Sausages New Member

    Hi. I have recently bought a house that is fitted with a Ferolli Domicompact F30 B. It's a 4 bed Victorian terrace with 8 single unit radiators. The boiler gives intermittent hot water with an F9 fault, seems a common enough issue and probably something fairly trivial to fix.

    We have a pot of money for doing work to change the house to our tastes. While we have that in hand I'm looking for a bit of advice off folks who will know best, if instead of spending money chasing this problem then potentially the next, and the next one after that, we'd be better off cutting budgets elsewhere and scraping enough together for a new one to be installed to hopefully make life in the future easier? Or just tough it out with this one and see how it lasts?

    If so, what half decent boilers would you look at that would fit into existing pipework to keep installation costs as low as possible?

    Cheers for any advice.
  2. king of pipes

    king of pipes Trusted Plumber GSR

    Good morning this question has been asked so many times on the site and each of our GSR installers will have a different opion , i would agree that your existing boiler should be upgraded there are so many to choose from my advice would be find a reputable local installer and let him advise you on your best options things to consider are a good long manufacturers warranty , and a willingness to look after you and your boiler long term dont go with the cheapest boiler you can find this may well sort your problems out short term but 2-3 years down the line you will be paying for niggling breakdowns and replacing parts . regards kop
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  3. townfanjon

    townfanjon Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    Sorry guys ..

    My choice , Viessmann 100 range , 5 years warrenty if fitted by a viessmann installer , up the warrenty to 10 years for another £120.
    Best boiler by far

    Others may disagree lol
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  4. gmartine

    gmartine GSR

    You also need to assess your hot water usage/demand, do you have more than one bathroom? For a satisfactory outcome you may require a different solution than just a combi upgrade.
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  5. GH77

    GH77 GSR Top Contributor!!

    Personally I would find your nearest Worcester Bosch Accredited installer and go for one of their boilers with a Worcester primary filter and comfort II or Wave, will get a 10 year warranty covered by Worcester and their aftersales is top notch in my experience, hence why i fit them, plus with a 10 year warranty you can be sure the installer will have fitted the boiler and flushed correctly or that's a long time that it could come back on him. I'd say you're looking at £2500-£3000 plus vat, some of the smaller accredited installers are also now doing 0% finance. To be fair I also rate Viessmann, but I would say the quality of the installer is the most important consideration
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  6. Sausages

    Sausages New Member

    Only one bathroom, loft has been converted and there's nowhere for a tank if you're thinking of swapping back to the old system.

    £3k is probably a little out of our reach right now. I guess it would probably be mid range if we did it right now. Boiler was definitely on the 'to do' list but we thought it would last longer than a couple of days!! :D

    How often do these Ferollis go down? Maybe it would be better to wait a year and put some money aside for something in that category. I've no problem paying for it it's just timing.
  7. GH77

    GH77 GSR Top Contributor!!

    Buy cheap, buy twice . if you're saying you can wait a year then 0% finance gets you a decent boiler now without having to pay for it until next year, as a side note the controls and filter are covered by the 10 year warranty too . God I sound like such a salesman! But i'm not offering to fit you a boiler, just what i feel is good advice
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  8. Sausages

    Sausages New Member

    I try to avoid finance like the plague but I do see the logic here. I think I will get someone round and get a price, monthly repayments definitely aren't a problem. Buy cheap buy twice is a rule for me, although for a lot of products mid range is almost if not as good for lower cost and a less well known brand, quite often you're paying for a name, although I don't need to tell anyone that and I've absolutely no idea if that applies to boilers.

    Assume it's better to use smaller local companies than the big national ones? As is nearly always the case in any industry. Thought I'd ask.

    Cheers for the advice.
  9. GH77

    GH77 GSR Top Contributor!!

    I don't necessarily avoid credit, i do avoiding interest though, only use 0% on credit card or finance... a smaller company is fine, just needs to be an accredited installer, the Worcester Boiler is a good product, but the main reason I would advise going with them is the aftersales... no quibbling, they just fix it, so long as the installer fitted it correctly
  10. Chuck

    Chuck Active Member

    Don't try to find a good boiler; find a good heating engineer.
  11. king of pipes

    king of pipes Trusted Plumber GSR

    Sausages as you can see we are all basicly saying fit a branded boiler with a long manufacturers warranty by a good local GSR installer which ever boiler you decide on is really yours and the installers choice and will be determined by your budget, worcester bosch are very good boilers as GH77 has said and their after sales is second to none but you will pay top top money and your finaces are stretched right now, Baxi platinium 33kw would be a good alternative and is cheaper has a 10 year manufacturers warranty , the duo tec is cheaper still and has a 7 year warranty both are proven to be very reliable and have no plastic components are easy to work on and will serve you well for many years the choice is your really its like buying a car you can drive a BMW i.e worcester or you can drive a FORD i. e baxi both do the same job and are very reliable just one does it a bit quicker sorry this is a bit long winded but i think you will understand its quite important to make the right choice you will have this boiler for a long time good luck and i hope all goes well for you regards kop.
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  12. king of pipes

    king of pipes Trusted Plumber GSR

    Shaun i have just seen the new 400 combi in plumbcity stripped it down mate. not impressed i will definitely be sticking with the older versions have you seen it or fitted one ? Kop
  13. ShaunCorbs

    ShaunCorbs S. Mod Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    Seen it not fitted a combi heat only was ok

    Any reason?

    Just use them as my cheap fit a plat or 28cdi any day of the week
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  14. Sausages

    Sausages New Member

    Thanks for all your advice chaps, much appreciated. Think a new boiler is on the cards, not sure which yet. But the missus agrees so I've got to do it now :D
  15. GH77

    GH77 GSR Top Contributor!!

    The Boss has spoken :D
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