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  1. KevRusski

    KevRusski New Member

    Hi, please see the link. What do you think could be the cause of this issue.

    I have a thread over in plumbing called central heating and pipework issues.

    I wanted to highlight this specific problem and gather thoughts. Its only been doing this a couple of weeks, and once locked out. When re-setting the pump wasnt going until it was tapped and then its been running since. However the boiler is till making this noise in the morning when it starts up for anything up to about 20minutes, then its all fine.

    At the same time we have had pipes rattling in the loft, but this seems to have stopped now too. So its just the boiler issue now.

    See my other thread or any questions please ask.

    Thanks in advance and sorry for re-posting this in here, i just needed maximum advice.
  2. Last Plumber

    Last Plumber Plumber GSR

    You need a gas safe registered Heating Engineer to look at that for you
  3. KevRusski

    KevRusski New Member

    I did have one around, he didn't know!

    He was going to replace the ch pump, but then ive never heard from him again!