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  1. Logfinder

    Logfinder New Member

    Anyone got a bluelyzer FGA?
    I know ariston and vokera use them but it's difficult got get any real opinions on them.

  2. johnf

    johnf Active Member

    Never heard of them. My opinion is somewhat limited! I still have my Testo and I like it but it does cost a bit to keep going every year.
  3. ShaunCorbs

    ShaunCorbs Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    Kane or testo for me
  4. Logfinder

    Logfinder New Member

    Yeah testo is my other option the bluelyzer has some pretty nice features. Theyve been around for quite a while but only 4 years in the uk
  5. johnf

    johnf Active Member

    Are they expensive? That is the bottom line. At the end of the day most of them do the same job. I can do without colour screens and manometer functions. Just easy to use and cheap to maintain would be my ideal analyser. Testo at least has one of the two points I like!
  6. Logfinder

    Logfinder New Member

    Not too expensive compared to Testo and it doesn't suck in water from the trap. Some guy did a demo with the probe in a glass of water. It filled the trap but didnt pull into the fga.
    You can view the results on your phone in real time and save the data to a QR code for future reference.
    As you said, they pretty much do the same job so it would be worth it if this is a decent unit and half the price with a few more bells attached.
  7. johnf

    johnf Active Member

    Funny you mentioned pulling in water. I killed a two month old unit and Testo would not honor the warranty as they said I was using it incorrectly. I don't get my analyser serviced by Testo anymore after that.
  8. Logfinder

    Logfinder New Member

    I don't think any of them honour the warranty for water ingress. My Anton pulled in water. Sent it the GES and got charged.
  9. gas2016

    gas2016 GSR

    I think the Anton sprint evo 2 is very intuitive