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Discuss Blow Torch, which one? in the Plumbing Tools area at

  1. nysk2008

    nysk2008 Plumber GSR

    Hi all,

    Looking at buying the Rothenberger Superfire 2 but have read quite a few mixed reviews.

    Can anyone let me know what is a decent torch to buy and whether propane or MAPP is best?

  2. stevetheplumber

    stevetheplumber Plumber GSR

    superfire 2is good just keep it clean and dont drop it mapp burns hotter than propane but is more exspensive

    REDSAW Guest

    got a few.
    rottenburger 2 = northsea oil rig piper alpha blow off.
    quick fire 2 = b&q £25 ish, and i prefer this one for general work with propane/mapp for outside work.
  4. dontknowitall

    dontknowitall Guest

    If you're a plumber and working with builders and other trades, they'll give you more respect if you have a Rothenberger rather than a cheapie shed model.

    Same applies to others tools - would you trust a carpenter who turned up with a Draper 12 volt drill?
  5. mark.brazenor@b

    [email protected] Guest

  6. Robtheplumb

    Robtheplumb Guest

    Shouldn't make any differance what name is on your tools, I know a chippy who gets everything from the sheds, got a b&q drill, focus notch chippy, I also know a chippy who has everything dewalt, dumb twonk can't even hang a door! A tool is as good as the bloke on the end, you get respect by being good at what you do.

    As for the blowlamp, I have just got the rothenberger to replace my bullfinch, still like the bullfinsh but the roth is a better tool for the job. Was soldering today on some 28mm outside with the roth on mapp gas, not a problem even in the wind but I wouldn,t have done it with the bullfinch.

    REDSAW Guest

    these are the torches i use,
    the roth cost me £60 and i hardly use it because of the big flame/tight corners etc.
    the bernzomatic quickfire is my fav to use.
    and the simplest @ £17 is the standard that all the old boys use that i see anyhow.

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  8. nysk2008

    nysk2008 Plumber GSR

    Cheers everyone for your responses. Decided to go with the Roth
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  9. Puddle

    Puddle Plumber

    It sounds like the clothing mentality is coming to our tools,we will all be expected to have designer tools soon to get trade cred,with our £ 80 little niki pipe slice , £ 120 ralf lauren pipe grips and £2000 celvin klein flushing unit

    I have a Rothenberger superfire 2 because it is a very good touch but if next time I need one and they do a cheaper make somewere,thats just as good ,that will do me
    Most of my tools are standard stuff,mainly because alot goes walkies or is stolen,I bought a cheap drill for my 4" core bit about three years ago for £45,still going stronge,no trade cred when I pull it out though :(
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    Last edited: Nov 21, 2009
  10. dontknowitall

    dontknowitall Guest

    I must admit I have been surprised by how much comment by people I've worked with at jobs, on some of my tools which is why I mentioned what I did further up.

    Wish I hadn't mentioned it on this forum now!!!

    I felt when I started plumbing that as long as I had good enough tools (irrespective of price), they'd do for me, but I've been embarrassed on occasion with what others have said about my stuff. Perhaps it's more to do with me cleaning my tools and toolboxes every so often? I do that because a) I like to look after my stuff and b) if I turn up to a customer's house I feel much more comfortable about plonking stuff on their floor if my kit is clean. I feel it gives the impression that if I look after my stuff, they'll feel I'll look after their house and possessions.

    For the record, I have a Rothenberger Superfire 2, an 18v DeWalt drill, a couple of expensive wrenches/adjustable spanners and much of the rest is cheap but perfectly functional (eg a screwdriver set with loads of attachments that cost me £10, a jigsaw that cost me about £15, etc.)
  11. radswilldo

    radswilldo Guest

    I use the rothenburger 2, the torch heads last me about 2 years. I do buy decent gear after research. For instance, will only use bacho adjustables, keep them clean and keep my eye on them, check my tool bag every time I leave a job. Hate cheap power tools, watch builder buy cheap drivers for a job, they fail, they buy a new one, charge goes to customer, no real torque control, srcew heads ripped off, pozi heads damage, whats the point. Buy trusted tools and look after them, they'll make your life easier.
    By the way do any of you have tools but dont use them, my wife bought me a set of multi steps, they're good, but I leave them at home and still use my normal steps on the van. I think about this yet still carry on.
  12. alexclark

    alexclark Guest

    I couldn't agree more, we are professional trades men and so should be using professional tools not DIY tools you can buy from B & Q, treat your tools with respect, keep then cleaned and they will look after you. You get what you pay for so the extra money is in fact an investment, in my opinion.

    Image and first impression is everything in our industry, if you make a good impression on the customer you will get further business...of course you have to do a good job too.

    little things like being polite, not swearing, wiping your shoes as you come in, lay dust sheets, present your tools nicely...etc etc does not go unnoticed.

    back on topic, Go for the Roth Superfire 2, you wont regret it.

  13. CarlH

    CarlH Guest

    Just bought the superfire 2, for £91 with 2 bottles of propane and 2 bottles of mapp. Never used mapp before what is the diffrence between the two gasses apart from it being a higher heat? would you use it for larger diameter pipes?
  14. alexclark

    alexclark Guest

    Shame you probably coulda got all that for £75 if u looked round a little..

    the difference is the higher heat, and yes wider pipes and also i find outdoors if its been cold its just a tad quicker.

    for an extra couple of quid id get the mapp each time

  15. arfurdaley

    arfurdaley GSR

    I use a Bernzomatic TS7000, apparently identical to a Rothy superfire, just a different badge.

    I agree though cheap tools are usually false economy, but in saying that I have bought some cheapo stuff which has got me out a tight spot!!
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