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  1. Russ79

    Russ79 New Member

    Hi, I have been reading through a lot of post's and I have come to the conclusion that the faster training course route is possibly not the correct one.

    bit about me, I'm 37 years old and have been in the building industry for 20 years started as a labour at 16 and ended up site agent doing full builds. My wife started her own business so I had to step back to look after kids etc, I joined the fire service as a retained fire fighter which I love. I all ways fancied becoming a plumber but being the breadwinner for my family it was never possible!!

    now I'm looking at training to become a plumber, but I only have 2 days a week off, and I have a placement with a plumbing contractor who has worked as a subcontractor with our company for years ( doing developments) for work as and when I need it/or can do it.. to help me get through my NVQlevel 2 portfolio.

    so my question is what would be the best path to go down as in training.. as I still need to bring in money but also want to gain as much experience as possible. That's is why the crash course appealed to me as I can get through the training quite quickly and then work along side experienced trades men to develop my skills. I do have a lot of experience in plumbing as I had to control the trades on large scale developments and also I have renovated 6 houses and gone all the plumbing myself other than gas..

    Thank you