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  1. gastec

    gastec Plumber GSR

    Hello everybody! I would like to know anyone's opinion on good quality thermostatic radiator valves. I have been fitting Honeywell VT117e valves for years and cannot fault them but I have a customer who does not want these as they think they are too bulky. Any suggestions?
  2. Mike Jackson

    Mike Jackson Plumber GSR

    Drayton TRV 4 if you want to spend the money. I'm fitting Bulldog ones now though as people don't want to splash out and they seem reasonable quality.
  3. colchesterplumb

    colchesterplumb Guest

    Mistral TRV lockshield sets are relatively cheap and are branded as yorkshire so are good quality.
  4. Centralheatking

    Centralheatking Guest

    No contest Drayton - all day long. Some of the other types can rock up when not
    fiddled with during the long hot summer.

  5. mountainman

    mountainman Plumber GSR

    I like these too!
  6. chris watkins

    chris watkins Plumber

    mmmm, your obviously are not old enough to remember the Mark 0,1,2,3 valves (& I am sure there was more), If ever there was an example of something made to look nice & then throw lots of money at advertising it (even on TV) when it did not work properly this is it. I got taken In twice before before I wised up. Spent many a happy hour going around smacking the stuck down pins with a flat file. Funny how things like that can put you off a produce isn't it !!!!
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  7. Centralheatking

    Centralheatking Guest

    TOO OLD ! I AM 54 we used a ball peen hammer, used to go when customer was out
    do job and charge for our knowledge !!!!!!!!!!!!!I used
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  8. Leo21

    Leo21 Trusted Plumber GSR

    I use ,westherms. Cheap and got a five year warranty. Never had one stick either.
  9. AWheating

    AWheating Trusted Plumber GSR

    honeywell, drayton, danfoss, bulldog/pegler for a few names. the really cheap one are pants same with the lockshields.
  10. mfgs

    mfgs Plumber GSR

    I prefer draytons, but in reality I use the cheapest ones I can get to keep the price down as customers dont seem to understand a quality product costs more.
  11. SimonG

    SimonG Trusted Plumber

    Bulldog, give me no problem and seem to be good value for money.
  12. Nostrum

    Nostrum Plumber GSR

    Danfoss RAS-C for me, good quality valve at a reasonable price. Used a lot of honeywells (eaga) only downside is they look a bit pants, good valve though. Draytons are overpriced tat, they seem to be the favortites for sticking.

    The old vaillant TRV's seemed to go on forever!
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    Last edited: Aug 18, 2012
  13. grahamgas

    grahamgas Guest

    My only gripe with the Bulldogs are the tails that go into the rad. The last Bulldog I fitted, I swear the tail was a hard plastic.

    Im with MFGS. The customer gets the cheapest unless they specify their own ones.
  14. Roger Welton

    Roger Welton Plumber GSR

    I've been using the danfoss RAS-C for ages now, and havent had any problems
  15. tamz

    tamz Guest

    Another vote for Danfoss. Used them most of my life. The only truly reversible valve on the market afaik. Danfoss probably have well over half the market in trv's up here. Cost under a tenner with a l/s for ras -c's. Ras -d's are a bit more expensive.
    Never been a fan of Drayton's. 112's look cheap and nasty and are junk and the 414's not much better.
    Never seen a west therm fitted for 25 years at least.
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