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Discuss Best Carbon Monoxide Alarm and Fire Alarm? in the Gas Safe Register Forum - Public Forum area at

  1. wetdrip

    wetdrip Plumber

    Any opinions on just what are the best Carbon Monoxide Alarm and Fire Alarms?
  2. mad_angler1

    mad_angler1 Guest

    We only issue Honeywell carbon Monoxide alarms, just had a new version in with 10 year battery life and a big warning message on the front when it goes off. The old one had 6 year life and never had a complain re one. I fact I have one my self.
  3. stani

    stani Plumber GSR

    I always use AICO ones both CO and fire can be interlinked so everyone's knows they have gone off.
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  4. lame plumber

    lame plumber Guest

    honeywells for me
  5. edd789

    edd789 New Member

    I fit wood burning stove all throughout the winter. We supply and fit Fire Angel Carbon Monoxide alarms with each job.
    They have a 10 yr life, never had a complaint or problem with them.
  6. bright spark

    bright spark Plumber GSR

    Check out EI electronics they do fire and co detectors
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