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Discuss Bensham Bath mixer tap problem in the Valves & Taps area at UKPlumbersForums.co.uk.

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  1. shimbo

    shimbo Guest

    I bought Bensham Bath mixer taps in 2007 from The Bath Store. Last week the hot water tap popped out of the mixer, leaving my unable to turn off the water. When you screw the taps back in, it tightens up, but as soon as you try to turn the tap off it pops out. I have had 2 plumbers out who said they cannot repair the tap as they cannot unscrew the front of the tap to look inside the tap. Bath Store are saying that they are not reasonable, as taps could break due to various reasons such as hard/soft water etc, I bought them in 2007. My view is that bath taps should last a lot longer than 3.5 years.

    I am being unreasonable in expecting taps to last longer than this?

    REDSAW Well-Known Member

    not really, but thats bath store for you-made in china
  3. Plumbstar Tom

    Plumbstar Tom Moderator Plumber

    im sure you have a guarantee with bathstore dont you?
  4. shimbo

    shimbo Guest

    I got 12 months, the taps are now 3.5 years old. So Bath Store are saying tough. My view is that taps should last alot longer than this.
  5. dontknowitall

    dontknowitall Guest

    I'm afraid the same thing would happen with a £1,000 television set. Nothing seems to last these days.

    REDSAW Well-Known Member

    Sort of slightly disagree there,
    did a leaking bristan shower a few weeks ago, 4 years old.
    Called bristan and sent a service kit (£26 worth) free of charge with a thank you for picking there product.
    If your mandarin isnt up to scratch, i doubt you get the same service.imo.lol.
  7. WHPES

    WHPES Trusted Plumber GSR

    That's Bristan and that's why people like to fit Bristan stuff and they know it so thats why they are so helpful. You pay a bit more but you get the service.

    Would never touch Bathstore or similar Chinese stuff - no parts or support.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.