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Discuss Asbestos soil pipe to UPVC connections. in the Fittings & Pipes area at

  1. RogueStorm

    RogueStorm New Member

    My daughter's just moved into her first house. She has an asbestos soil stack which runs through the house rather than up the outside of the building. I have uncovered the ground floor section as it was boxed in and found that the lower four feet is encased in concrete/cement. Is there a reason for this or is it just to keep the stack stable?

    The reason for uncovering the stack is that I want to fit her a downstairs toilet, roughly where the stack is luckily. I'm expecting to remove about six feet of the original stack, I don't want to remove the whole thing as the bath, sink and upstairs toilet are all connected at first floor level. I'm going to need to fit a branch at ground floor level to take the new toilet as well as waste for the sink. and then connect a piece of UPVC pipe to the existing stack. Are UPVC to Asbestos connectors readily available? I have read that connecting a 'Supersleeve' (for example), to asbestos can be troublesome if you overtighten as the asbestos might crack.

    Thanks for any help
  2. Best

    Best Trusted Plumber Top Contributor!!

    Are you sure it is asbestos and not cast iron? They are very similar looking.
    I would want the entire soil stack removed by a company who deal with asbestos desposal and then have it all replaced with plastic.
  3. Riley

    Riley Plumber GSR

    Yeah don't mess with asbestos get pros on it.
  4. RogueStorm

    RogueStorm New Member

    I'm told it's asbestos cement and as long as I double bag and label it, I can do it myself. Mask, goggles and gloves being worn of course.
  5. Riley

    Riley Plumber GSR

    Up to you bud
  6. Atouchofgas

    Atouchofgas Plumber GSR

    You also have the problem in that as soon as you cut the asbestos you will then have airborne particles. You will then need to ensure that the air quality has been cleared of all asbestos ( unless you want to kill you family and risk a fine )
  7. RogueStorm

    RogueStorm New Member

    Many thanks for your comments. I'd like to point out that I'm new to this forum but I'm an old hand on many others. I have asked two questions in the original post; is anyone able to answer either one of them?

    Whilst I appreciate your concerns for my safety regarding the asbestos, I have taken all precautions necessary to deal with it.
  8. Phil

    Phil Plumber

    You will of course be getting full building control approval for adding an extra loo?
  9. Best

    Best Trusted Plumber Top Contributor!!

    You asked two questions -
    1, What the concrete case on last 4 ft is for.
    No idea and shouldn't be anything to do with making the stack stable.
    Might be there to protect it from damage?
    Going to be fun removing the concrete without disturbing asbestos!

    2, Is there connectors for to join to asbestos.
    My answer is still the same, - I wouldn't join to asbestos if possible. Because you are installing a lower toilet, you have the entire stack to deal with. An original joint to join to would be handy. But there is no easy way to do it properly.
    Various connectors could be bought and the asbestos is same size inside as modern pipe, but better you don't reduce the diameter with an internal fitting. But you probably know that
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    Last edited: Aug 31, 2016
  10. NickH

    NickH Active Member

    Don't forget to seal the windows and doors and set up a filtered air pump to create a negative pressure within the house to prevent the escape of particles. Oh, and then decontaminate the house once the stacks been removed.
    But I expect you knew that too.
  11. tamz

    tamz Guest

    Any risk from asbestos cement is minimal. Its not a big deal even to the HSE who have a data sheet on removing it if you look it up.
  12. Best

    Best Trusted Plumber Top Contributor!!

    As one asbestos waste desposal guy told me about asbestos soil pipe and asbestos roof tiles - that stuff you could eat! :smile:
  13. tamz

    tamz Guest

    Shhhh lol
  14. REDSAW

    REDSAW Guest

    apparently stops heartburn lol
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  15. tamz

    tamz Guest

    Nah thats gyproc you want for the heartburn
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