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  1. Jamesthepuzzledman

    Jamesthepuzzledman New Member

    Hi, We have moved to a house that has a Greenstar 37CDi combi gas boiler. This has a Worcester Digistat Optimizer wireless room stat.
    To be honest I cannot work the thing however long I study the book.
    Is there a simpler, compatable wireless unit I can install for this boiler by another manufacturer?
  2. ShaunCorbs

    ShaunCorbs S. Mod Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    Any chance we could have a pic of the unit and receiver ?
  3. Harvest Fields

    Harvest Fields Trusted Plumber GSR

    I think the OP is on about the Drayton wave looking stat and a plug in facia on the front of the boiler that I believe may do the hot water pre heat on the combi’s(I could be wrong on that point though).
  4. Vee

    Vee Plumber GSR

    You can wire in most wireless stats into this, they just wont plug into the fascia.
  5. Jamesthepuzzledman

    Jamesthepuzzledman New Member

    Cheers lads, will get some images put up later today.
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