Hi, just a quick one.

End of last year my dads commercial ticket lapsed, having lost a contract with a company we did a lot for I put the re assessing on hold for a while, long story short we recently got asked to take on a new contract, so I rang vulcana at Wrexham to get booked in and Sue was incredibly helpful. Got us in in about 2 weeks, one on one with Steve as they didn't have any others booked on for a while and it was urgent.

I have done my Oftec and LPG courses there and my father has done his gas, oftec and commercial there over a number of years. The lecturers, Steve included are extremely knowledgable, they will help you if needed as all centres will, but they seem to care more than others. They don't suck air through their teeth if you put your pen near B, they talk you through it so you understand.

Anybody in a position to get there should they need to do their 5 year reassessing, get in touch with them.