Any posts relating to gas, gas appliances, boilers and central heating should be posted in their relevant sections and not in the public domain.

We cannot and will not give advice on the installation or repair of boilers, cookers or ANY gas appliances for your own safety.

Please post a thread in the 'I'm looking for a plumber / gas engineer' section of these forums remembering to include your location.

If you are gsr please increase your post count to 10+ then send a PM (Private Message) with your gsr details to either Gas man - or Redsaw - who will check you and then give you access to the gsr private forum.

Providing gas-related advice to anybody who should not be touching gas and cannot prove their competetence is unacceptable. We will take whatever action we deem appropriate to prevent such advice being given

Thank you.

UKPF TA's, Mods and Admin teams.