Flue analyser

  1. aplombier
    Hi looking to buy first analyser and looking at Kane 455 with CPA kit are these reliable ? Or should I go for the Anton Evo2 which plumb center are pushing on me .
  2. Taffman
    I have Kane 455 absolutely over the moon with this machine, when I used to teach ACS I used both the Antonio sprint and the Kane and liked the Kane so much I bought one for my own use!
  3. Eric withy
    Eric withy
    i use a rasi bloody good little analyser
    RASI 200 Flue Gas Analyser
  4. kris
    I use a testo 330-1ll. Great bit of kit. The price puts a lot of engineers off. Well worth the money in my eyes as it's not just an analyzer or u gauge it does so much more. Good old German technology.
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