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  1. Christopher Langworthy
    Christopher Langworthy
    Hi looking for a new employer to finish my level 2 nvq folder off. Only need one to two week work. Will to be unpaid blackwood/newport
  2. Christopher Langworthy
  3. Chipdoctor
    A DIY'r and have always had an interest in fixing things. Now seeking to learn more in my retirement from IT.
  4. Podser
    Any advice on making a plumbing business more profitable?
  5. Dale Sanders
    Dale Sanders
    I have a new central heating system however I have a drop in hot water pressure, what is the problem?
  6. cog-n-chips
    How did Dan know I was piping radiators today?! Im a car mechanic. Must be plumbers telepathy
  7. king of pipes
    king of pipes
    Now a Atag install partner
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  8. Lou
  9. AndrewR
    AndrewR Lorcan
    Hi Lorcan
    Are you still looking for work? I'm looking for an extra pair of hands for the next few months in south Birmingham.
  10. Dom Perkins
  11. Moffski72
    Permanently irritated..
  12. simPRO
    Helping plumbers to work smarter, deliver exceptional service and maximise profitability
  13. Lou
    Finally all moved in!
  14. Lou
    I hate moving house.
    Not a Plumbing related one. Used to teach at OLCI Bristol,would be nice to hear from anyone who passed through when I was there
  16. pedro1066
    Just moved into house
    1. pedro1066
      i have a worcester 532 combi and noticed the hot water does not get hot / the boiler does not switch on when the tap is run unless the central heating is switched on. Can I also say we have an immersion heater in a hot tank even though it is a combi system is this normal?
      Aug 24, 2017
  17. Notaplumber12
    Wicks shower pump problem
    1. Notaplumber12
      I had wickes shower pump installed to boost the water pressure for the shower. For a few weeks it worked very well. But now it has started leaking and this weekend came back to find the leak gone through the ceiling to downstairs room.

      Anyone any ideas please?
      Aug 21, 2017
    2. Notaplumber12
  18. mickg
  19. mickg
    There's a voice that just keeps on f**kin calling me, but I keep stopping and making new friends.
  20. Darren Jackson
    Darren Jackson
    "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."
  21. Mark Ranford
    Mark Ranford
    Replacement external thermastaic shower valve 22mm inlet 140mm centres Any one know where I can purchase?
  22. Dkdc71
    Harder to do a job wrong then it is to do it right
  23. DripsnDropsBognor
    Day to day trying not to get too wet!
  24. Harvey14
    Gas engineer/plumbing and renewables, oftec registered with vaporizing appliances. Been in industry for 12 years now
  25. BobbityBob
    When do kids go back to school?!!!!!!!!!
  26. Gary Benson
    Gary Benson
    Mira Sport Advance Thermostatic Shower which won't turn of. Not heating the water to stop water flow I must turn of the mains supply.?
  27. PlungerUK
  28. scoobyedoo
  29. MHRW01
    help with ICOS M3080
  30. Pauld1962
    Alive and active .!!
  31. AnonPlumber
    Card is in the post, happy day.
  32. Captain.rick
  33. Lou
  34. GetBry
    Fully insured City & Guilds Level 2 qualified plumber based in the North Kent area
  35. Mgarth
    Hi I have a problem with my out door tap hardly any pressure but the kitchen tap there's plenty of pressure can anyone help please
    1. Mgarth
      I have a problem with my out door tap hardly any pressure but the kitchen tap there's plenty of pressure can anyone help please
      Jul 7, 2017
    2. ShaunCorbs
      double check valve sticking / nearly shut?
      Jul 14, 2017