Hello all
I have seen that there are mixed views on fle flexible stick on upstands,however my tray is eastbrook and their instructions recommend the use of this type of upstand and as such i purcased a product called sealux aquastrap, i then went on line to look at the instructions as i am not using tiles but splashwall pvc cladding, while on the sealux web site i noticed a product called hydrohalt ,it is the manufacturers new all singing product from a couple of years ago,i spoke to them and they told me it was a far superior product to there standard stick on upstands but then they would say that wouldent they, i did however purchase one and it is a kit that contains a kind of flexible tanking strip that is bonded to the wall and then a foam spacer and finally all bonded together with sealux silicone.has anybody seen or used hydrohalt as i cant find any reviews on it.i now have two upstand types and not sure which to use.
Any opinions. Many thanks.